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Nov 30 - WU - Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Part 1

RK tries to forcibly make Madhu drink and Madhu pushes his hand away..thus breaking the glass ! RK screams on Madhu .. Madhu offers to clean but RK says.. her hand will be injured so no need!

RK gets called for shot..and he suddenly notices Madhus mehendi filled hands! He says its KC ..and screams on Madhu ! Bittu tries to defend .. but RK chides him .. He says.. i dun believe in this n Madhu says..she does..! RK says.. she believes in 4 pheras incomplete wedding.. mangalsutra …and thinks RK is her hubby? He tells her to get OUTTT!

A chawl person comes to meet Madhu n Dips tells Radha that the guy is from Madhus chawl..! Says its for Madhus first KC ..the ladies of the house say.. she has not fasted..! Radha is confused..!

RK tells Madhu that her FAKE hubby wont come home at nite..! Madhu is ..! He says her FAKE hubby wont feed her with his hands n she cant break her fast seeing him after seeing moon! He says..she can die fasting..but RK wont come!

Madhu comes home and the ladies all start asking her if she has kept a fast or not… n where she was..! Madhu goes away in tears!

Bittu telsl Madhu to drink some water but she refuses..! Radha overhears Madhu say ..she will keep the fast! She asks Madhu the matter? Madhu says MAA & Radha says dun say MAA! She says..Madhu has fasted to get back her lost repute..! She says.. all this is drama.. sneaking mehendi… now lehenga..! Dips says..not surprise the family is about sneaking!

Madhu says..where there is no faith..there is no point of words..! She says..she has fasted from her heart…with full faith! Radha asks about Sargi .. n Dips pulls her away ..! Madhu says.. Sargi is a blessing ..n she got it! Bittu says.. RK wont come and Madhu says… he will come..for sure..! Dips taunts.. ‘Pathar dil sanam wont come .. n till then Biwi wont break fast’

Director announces PACK UP but RK refuses..! All crib..!

Its nite …Madhu is getting decked up! [Haii DD in sexy red lehenga] She says.. i consider RK my pura pati.. not adha adhura.. !

Part 2

RK fumes on the AD and then snatches the file from the girl..! The girl starts to feel dizzy and is about to fall down..! RK supports n then splashes water..! Then announces PACK UP!

Part 3

Madhu feels dizzy but stables herself saying M fine.. n she will complete fast.. n like a good hubby he will break her fast! Madhu is dizzy again ..and sits on the bed..!

Precap — All are on the terrace for KC rituals..! Madhu comes there .. RK is still at the studio! Dips smirks at her..!

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Nov 29 - WU - Madhubala Ek ishq Ek junoon

Madhubala 29th November Written EpisodePart 1

RK asks Madhu why she lied? Madhu feigns ignorance n hides her hands from RK! She spots the mehendi on his face n is scared! RK sees the mirror n says.. M moon now. have a blot on my face!

He asks her what it is n Madhu says..mosquito bite! RK says.. seems artistic.. bit less n painted more! Madhu suggests that by putting makeup the mark will fade! He asks her to help him clear the mark..since she was working in parlor..!

RK asks her why she is hiding her hand in dupatta.. n she says feeling cold and RK says..seems manufacturing defect! She gives him toothpaste and asks to keep it on for 5 mins n then wipe off! Madhu turns to leave n RK asks if he din tell her to go? Madhu says..wont go.. duo are locked in an intense eyelock ! Madhu comes to the kitchen and eats the TRASH err Sargi.

Dips smirks..that.. MAdhu is gone.. n now the vrat too! On the shoot.. Madhu keeps drooling on RK n smiling! RK fumes..! Madhu says.. smiling to maintain figure of face! RK wonders why she is interested in his shoot.. n Madhu tries to answer and RK averts..! Madhu pulls his script and says.. PATI ..listen to whole dialog.. when ur in front of my face… heartbeat increases.. and as if gonna smile.. since he is wearing jacket upturned!

RK changes and Madhu helps to set his jacket saying RK the superstar cant set his jacket..! Eyelock..! BG-Tere ishq me! Madhu feels acute pain in tummy and is also dizzy..! RK asks the matter.. Madhu says..m fine!

Trish comes to Paddo and offers to help .. her by cooking n Paddo is getting ready to go to Madhu for customs …Trish says..what customs? She asks Paddo not to go.! Bittu offers Madhu water but she refuses to take..! She keeps falling sick..! She is in RKs vanity van and he has ordered food for them… ! Madhu says not hungry..! RK calls doc.. n Madhu says m fine. .n RK says.. wont do..! Doc says seems Madhu has eaten something causing indigestion..! Doc asks for water to give her glucose water..! Madhu is panicked!

Part 2

RK mixes the glucose water and offers to Madhu and asks to drink..! Madhu refuses..! He fumes..! Madhu fakes that she is allergic.. n Bittu supports! Doc says..heard that first time.. n asks to mix a bit of salt in it..! RK mixes salt and offers to Madhu again!

Part 3

RK says she looks weird and sweet but now she is mother of weird.. n asks her to drink! He offers juice n Bittu says..its over.! RK gets juices.. takes to Madhu n says…she knows that he keeps the madness and capacity to force her to drink .. n forcibly tries to feed Madhu!

Precap –RK pulls her hand and sees Mehendi n says.. today is KC.. n says.. OUTTT ..! He says..her jhoot moot ka pati wont come home tonite! Madhu in tears!


Madhubala 29th November 2012 Full Episode-134

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Saturday, 24 November 2012


Madhubala E24 segment - 23rd Nov 2102 - Madhu Ne Karvachauth ka Vrat

Madhubala SBB segment - 23rd Nov 2012 - Madhu ne rakha Karvachauth ka Vrath

[UMETV] 18th November - Drashti Dhami and Vivian Dsena - Getting Closer

Madhubala and R.K Celebrates Diwali on the sets of Madhubala

 RK Ko Hua Madhubala Se Pyaar - Madhubala   

[SBB] 6th November - Vivian Dsena and Drashti Dhami - Water Argument and Romance

Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 23rd November 2012 Writtne Update

Part 1

RK asks Madhu why she is on set? Madhu keeps gawking n then stammers..! RK asks.. if all well and Madhu says..she forgot why she came..! Spot boy offers coffee to Madhu she refuses n RK is told shot is ready.. n he goes..! Madhu recollects she had come to return the phone..!LOL

She watches the set and remembers RK saving her from getting electrocuted ..! BG-Tu hi hai maula..! Shot is ready ...! RK moves towards the heroine.. as song -Main pareshan starts..! She sees herself.. dancing with RK! Embarrassed She sees herself..full on immersed in the song. .dancing..and touching RK..! The duo close in.. and then stop ..! She is inside the booth n RK n her hand touch thru glass..! RK enters..and closes in n Madhu runs..! RK twirls her.. n holds her..! Intense eyelocks..!Embarrassed Madhu tells RK ..that its happened to her before..she has danced with him before.. in her dreams..! Embarrassed RK snaps his fingers and with it Madhus trance breaks..! 

He asks her whats up with her..either she is nuts or wants to make him nuts! LOL Madhu remembers to return his moby! He says.. have one.. ! She smiles again.. Embarrassed RK asks the matter..! Madhu averts and leaves.. but after smiling at him n he smiles too..! Madhu reaches home ..drools on RKs pic n says.. 'Tu to gai' [Ur a goner] and that it felt real..! 

She picks a flower n remembers her dream. n wonders if it was real or not..! She spots.. RKs coat .. scarf .. walks to it..and starts to sing.. 'Main pareshan' n dances with the coat..! Wink She keeps twirling and ends up smashing into RK..! ShockedEmbarrassed RK snaps his fingers and asks..what is she doing n she keeps blushing ..! RK asks.. if she was threatened to smile.. by making her sit on a camel in a river! LOL Madhu says..she isnt ok.. rather is 'Pareshan' n its coz of HIM! Embarrassed She tells him that when RK is with her..close to her.. her breath stops..heartbeat increases..llh stammers again ..! She tells him .. ' I LOVE U RK'!! Madhu hugs RK n says..dunno.when.. how .. why! RK hugs her back..! She asks him if he too loves her? Madhu was a dream..! Ouch RK comes n says.. 'Kem cho. .maja ma cho'?? [How r u.. ] LOL Madhu stays quiet..! Madhu tells RKs coat.. 'Dil ki bhasha mein. .main theek nahi hun' .. [M not ok] I LOVE U RK! EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Part 2

In the morning.. RK is twitching his eyes coz of sunlight falling on him n Madhu comes n blocks it! Embarrassed She tries to set his ruffled hair and then touches his face when he wakes up and leaps out on the couch seeing her! EmbarrassedLOL

Precap -- Dips asks Madhu if she knows why they are getting Mehendi put ..its for Karvachauth pray for Hubbys long life but doubt she will be interested! Radha and Madhus face tense..!


Madhubala 23rd November 2012 Full Episode-130

Thursday, 22 November 2012


Madhubala 22nd November 2012 Full Episode-129

Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 22nd November 2012 Writtne Update

Part 1

Radha hands the bag with 40 lacs to Paddo and tells her to end the story n take Madhu back with her..! RK screams.. CUT IT! Angry

He taunts on Radha saying its a scene from movies... where money is being traded . but difference is.. the money is his..! He greets Paddo and asks her n Radha to distribute the money to pass time but he wont let BIWI go anywhere.. as many personal things are yet to be settled..! TongueWink He tells Paddo.. she has come to meet HER daughter..whose room is upstairs..n asks the duo to come up..!

RK tells Paddo that she must have understood his big UNHAPPY family is against Madhu but he isnt! Embarrassed RK stresses saying.he meant and Paddo says that he will take care of Madhu ..Embarrassed n RK says..trouble her too...she cant stop him .. n Paddo says.. TOO! RK blushes! Embarrassed RK - Madhu exchange eyelock as RK walks out..!

Madhu has her head on Paddos lap and Paddo says.. Radhas stand is correct but dunno how to make her change her stand..! Madhu agrees! Ouch Paddo shares she is happy that RK is with her.! Tongue Madhu asks Paddo about Shammo/family and Paddo says.. its commensurate to the deed that has been done..! Paddo says..he cant believe its the same RK. .one who insulted them. .n another who fought his family for Madhu..! Paddo asks if she should consider this incomplete marriage PURI?? [complete]! Madhu blushes! Embarrassed

Radha wonders if Paddo was true.. n Madhu is innocent...and Dips poisons her mind again.. saying..they are fooling her! Angry Madhu is pacing around n recollects RK defending her..! Embarrassed She picks up RKs pic n wonders aloud if this wedding..this relation is COMPLETE? She keeps thinking of RK .. n BG-Tu hi hai maula..! She spots his phone n decides to give the phone back to RK Wink..! She blushes and wonders why ... n then thinks..she is only going to give the phone back..!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Paddo is cooking and calls out for Trish...! Ouch She remembers happy times with Shammo-Paddo-Trish-Madhu..!

Part 2

Paddo walks towards Shammos house with food and recollects the happy past..! Trish calls out to her..asks her to reconsider..! Paddo explains that with time she will understand ..! She gives Trish the food and walks off..! Ouch

Part 3

RKs getting ready for the shot.. n feels something..! He turns.. n suddenly .. sees Madhus reflection in the mirror...! Madhu is there! Embarrassed The blower goes off and Madhus hair flies n RK gets it to stop..! He asks her what she is doing there on the set?

Precap -- BG - Main pareshan as Madhu dances with RKs coat n rams into RK and says.. I LOVE U RK .. n hugs him..! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Madhubala 20th November 2012 Full Episode-127

Nov 20 - WU - Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Part 1

RK tells Dips she is right.. Madhu should not be near her ..coz if she steps on dirt.. she will dirty her feet...! Dips says.. Madhu has come from dirt where killers like Shammo stay..! RK asks Dips to get out..! She does..! Dead

Madhu asks ..RK why he is letting her stay there while he knows that whatever has happened is coz of Shammo..! Why he took the case back? She asks him to answer.. shaking his arm..! RK frees his arm...grabs Madhus arm n takes her to the lakeside..! Wink

He takes out his dads rocking chair, sits on it and starts to rock the chair..n says he knows..what she thinks of him a bitter person.. who cant care for anyone else..! He says..he saw how she felt embarassed with her fathers deed! 

He tells her that it hurts when the person one trusts.. backstabs them it hurts...! Wounds on the body can be healed but not the wounds on soul..! He recounts about the chair..and his dad asking him to sit on it when he is gone and how he used to fight telling his dad.. that he wont go anywhere n his dad swore he wont! Cry

He rues about his father leaving him and going leaving behind the chair..! He says.. his dad broke his promise to him. .n killed himself..! [Wound no. 1] He says how he made his mom his doc to heal his wound but one day ..the doc disappeared..from his mom she became someone elses wife [Wound no. 2] ! Madhu tries to reach out to him but he walks away..! He says that parents are the symbol of their faith and trust...! He rues that his dad bounced him but left him to fall on the ground and when he went to his mom..she was no longer his mom! Ouch

Flashback of Dips holding his hand and he cuddling her..! Shocked He says hope is poison .. and once again . Doc. no. 3 [aka Dips].. injured him so much left him .. in pain.. so much that.. he was left immersed in pain..! [Wound no. 3] He says hurts.. hurts a lot..! Madhu asks if its Dips? RK stares at her..!

Part 2

He tells her how Dips got Sikkys launch film n in desire to be star ..chose Life aka Sikky .. instead of love aka him..! RK tells her that she is his first relation made from head n that she always confronted him upfront.. so he understands.. difference of truth and lie! Tongue

Madhu tells him ..its not an answer to his question...! RK says he has answered..! Madhu asks..why he took case back? Angry RK tells her that his soul is dead .. and that he does not want same to happen to..!

Part 3

RK tells her again he has answered and that he din want truth to come out..! Madhu says. why he took case back..and RK says.. he explained to Shammo to end the matter and he rather not tell Madhu.. coz he does not want . .her to break like he did... get a wound on soul... like he got! If he cant see his enemy bear such pain.. how can he see her??Embarrassed Eyelock.. RK holding Madhus arms!

Precap -- BG- Tujhme rab dikhta hai... Rishbala eyelock..!

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Madhubala 19th November 2012 Full Episode-126

Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 19th November 2012 Writtne Update

Part 1

Madhu feeds RK and helps him to remove the towel..! RK says.. he realised the difference between. .eating at home and eating home cooked food ..after ages! RK thanks Madhu..! RK starts to couf .. Radha and Madhu get to helping RK! Madhu asks Bittu to call Doc..! Radha asks Madhu to keep off..! Dips says.. Madhu has mixed something in the food.. and she wants to kill RK! Dips asks to call cops..! She asks what Madhu mixed in the food! Madhu turns to leave and RK holds her hand and pulls her close..! He asks Madhu to tell Dips the that she can cook and feed Sikky..! Madhu puts her hand on RKs shoulder and says.. u.. n RK says.. Main hi Main and says.. Biwi fed him well. but what happened to her? Not happy to see anything to happen to RK?? He says..she was praying that Madhu cooks something ..RK eats and dies.. but he is right there n happy..! He says.. Madhu cleared her cooking exams with distinction..! He tells everyone that its his request.. aka ORDER to stop harassing his wife.. and that he trust her more than all of them! Madhu is taken aback! RK tells them that if they raise a single finger at Madhu next time.. they will find themselves out of the home. .with his one finger..! RK asks Dips ..if she knows the meaning of trust?? He tells Madhu to explain to Dips the meaning..! He orders to send Madhus lunch in the room and goes to the room with Madhu .. keeping his hand on her shoulder! 

Sikky asks.. Kuku if ..hate has become.. 'Dil me twai ..twai' n Kuku says . .forget that.. the threats to kick us out of home..needs to be dealt with..! Kuku says.. jab milega mujhe mauka.. RK ki BALL pe lagunga Chauka..and Sikky says.. Chakka lagana and .. Kuku says.. will lagao on ur BALL! Trish stops Paddo from going and begs her to reconsider..! Trish tells Paddo that..Shamo is her father..and cant leave him n go..! She says.. for one mistake of Shammo cant forget whatever he has done till date for them..! She asks Paddo to reconsider! Paddo refuses to budge..! Paddo tells Trish that she is daughter so wont understand.. the pain of a wife.. n what she and Madhu are feeling..! She tells Trish that she is going to Romas place..! Paddo leaves.. Trish keeps screaming..! She asks Shammo to stop Paddo..! He stays motionless..! 

At the room, Madhu asks RK why he did what he did? RK starts to take out the sling and Madhu says..he cant..! RK says.. Doc said he can take.. it out..! Madhu holds RKs arm as he grimaces in pain...and asks if its still paining..?! RK smiles at her and says.. its a very filmy dialogue..'Jaan ..abhi bhi dard ho raha hai. .khuda kare..tumhare sare dard mujhe mil jae..'! Madhu says.. she din say.. 'Jaan' and din ask.for his.'dard'! She tells him that there is a limit to jokes and what he did downstairs...was crappy..! RK says ... its called dark humor..! He says.. some jokes.. kill one with laufter and others make one lauf after death! He then hols his neck and says... there is still some problem with it..! RK asks if she mixed yellow poison in yellow daal? Madhu says.. dun like ur jokes and he din answer her question..! RK says.. there are some questions which cannot be answered as they are delicate and need to be handled with care..! Madhu says.. if he knows.. when he joked..what happened to her..n then says..but why would h care..! RK starts to close in on Madhu and locks her to the wall..! RK asks..'What were u saying'! Madhu says..some questions answers are delicate.. if answered .. can .handle with care..! She tells him not to repeat his joke..! She turns and RK puts his other arm and says.. 'Phir karun to?' RK-Madhu eyelock..! She says.. lemme get water and bends and ducks under his arm and leaves..! 

Dips is holding a glass of water and gets flashbacks of RKs taunts to her.. ! Dips says..she will show.. him ..who is B grade in the mansion..! Madhu is walking to the kitchen and Dips sees her..! She says.. welcome.. Madhubala.. RKs half wife... whom RK trusts so much.. wonder what she has done in the house..! She says that though at the start Madhu impressed Radha.. with Ganesh Puja. but now all know her true face. ! Dips says that whats interesting is that the RK who used to hate her is her protector.. and asks if anything happened in that wet nite at the studio ... may be black magic ..or something mixed in the food? Dips says.. its the dirty blood of hers running in RKs veins..! She screams..that to save Madhu he is ready to fight with his whole family ! Madhu tries to walk out..and Dips stops her and says.. better not say.. the Wifey lines ..n looks at her mangalsutra and says..the black stones on her neck should be called the biggest joke of the year..!

Part 2

Dips says.. that she has been told that RK din put the mangalsutra on her properly so that cant be a reason..! She pulls at Madhus mangalsutra n Madhu asks her to release it as it will break! Dips what difference it will make..? Its just a thread of stones.. it has no meaning and she has no relation with RK! She says that just by RK calling her Biwi ..doesnt make her his Biwi! Madhu tries to stop Dips but Dips tells Madhu to leave her hand! RK comes and pulls Dips arm and tells her enouf is enouf and Dips says..her talk is not over and he cant stop her..! She says...that she is the elder Bahu of the house and has right to take decision for betterment of the members of the house and her decision is that Madhu cant stay there! RK says.. dun even think .. he says.. this is his house.. Dips is bahu of Bhatia family while his surname is Kundra and he has nothing to do with Bhatia family ..! 

Part 3

RK says.. some furnitures.. some cockroaches.. rats.. n they just stay in the house with him ..and are lviing off him..! Dips stares at Madhu..! RK says.. except them.. there is one person he knows.. the one who gave birth to him .. who has brought the dirt like Dips who are polluting the air of the house ! He says.. pheres may\ be 4 or 40 .. difference is whether he considers Madhu his wife.. n he considers Madhu his wife..! Flashbacks of RK holding Madhu when Dips pushed her out..! 

Precap -- RK tells Madhu that it hurts a lot when the person .. who they consider their own.. backstabs them.. all wounds can heal but not the one that scar the soul..! 

Friday, 16 November 2012

Nov 16 - WU - Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Madhus cell rings ..its Paddo..checkingon her n she fakes that all is well..! She says RK is with her.. n trust her..! She cuts the call as Paddo asks about Radha..! Madhu brings meds for RK n offers him meds..!RK says…should i call u.. ‘MEDICAL Wife’

She asks him why he din let the case on Shammo go thru but RK diverts ..calling out to Bittu..! He
asks Madhu to get some food for him … ! Madhu leaves all sad..! Paddo is packing her stuff! Trish tries to reason ..saying he did it all for Madhu ..! She says Madhu said she understands..! Paddo says..that her father tried to kill her hubby?

Paddo says… the significance of Durga Puja … n says.. Durga Ma doesnt go home with Lord Shiv thinking.. her father tried to kill her hubby! Trish asks so.. RK is . n Paddo says.. NOT GOD . .but Madhus hubby .. for whom she did it all .. to save him! Paddo steps out of the house ..telling Trish to stay back if she wants to..! Shammo watches the whole thing ..

Bittu stares at RK n he says.. he is not a beautiful painting that he is staring at.. ! Bittu says chota muh badi baat… n RK says.. aapka muh bahut bada hai..! He asks if he thinks Madhu is wrong? Bittu says.. doubt so.. n RK says.. Shammo is Madhus father.. she will save him.. ofcourse! He recounts.. Madhus actions of taking him to cops.. slapping him .. throwing his drinks.. all before everyone .. so if she wants to kill him. .will shoot him upfront! [Target head n outlet thru ear] She only hid things she did to save him.. !

Bittu rues his actions.. n RK says… not ur fault.. Bhatia group of Badmash Company .. keechad hi aisa hai.. inke paas rehlo to lag hi jata hai but next time u do.. dunno what i will do

Madhu is cooking .. n tells Radha but Radha ignores…! Dips asks her not to cook else she mite add poison to it..! Radha tells Dips to handle RKs diet and she says.. ofcourse..! RK screams.. hungry…give food..! They go.. ! Dips serves RK ..! RK pushes her hand away. .n screams.. BIWI! Madhu comes…! He asks her if she din cook for him? He rejects Dips cooked food n demands.. Madhus cooked daal..! Radha interrupts.. but RK says .. he is giving his plate to Radha .. !

Part 2

Madhu gets the daal cooked by her.. Dips sits in a huff.. ! RK asks her to serve..! Radha looks on all worried n skeptical..! She stops him to eat n RK leaves the spoon n asks Madhu to fulfil Patni dharam n feed with her hand!

Makes her put the napkin ..n as she tries to feed thru spoon… stops n tells no..with hand..! Madhu does.. n RK says.. it reminded him of his mom..!

Part 3

He says. ..the taste used to b in the food cooked by his mom .. filled with love, care . He says.. ‘Maa yaad aa gai’ n Radha breaksdown ! Grabs Madhus hand n makes her feed himself..! BG- Tera ishq … Rishbala eyelock..!

Precap — RK coufs.. n asks to call Doc.. ! Dips says.. Madhu must have mixed something..! Dips asks to call cops!


Madhubala 16th November 2012 Full Episode-125

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Nov 15 - WU - Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Part 1

Radha goes inside.. Madhu tries to follow ..n Dips stops her in the way n asks to leave.! Madhu insists.. n Dips says..all know her truth.. the house is not hers anymore.. n whatever RK did was to pay her back.. n pushes her out.. n Madhu si about to fall n RK comes n holds her in time!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

RK asks Madhu to go in HIS room ...!Party Dips Kuku n Sikky interrupt... and RK tells her to go to HIS room..! Madhu stays put.. n RK says.. GO...!! Asks her to leave the bag n go upstairs.. she goes..! Embarrassed

The trio start to bitch about Madhu to RK ... but RK keeps screaming to BIWI .. to go upstairs..! LOL

RK tells all that.. he is not fully well .. so better they stop crap! ROFL Second.. asks Dips to pick up the bag n go n keep in his room! Clap Dips says..her dead body will pick up n he says.. dead body cant pick up..she has to. .n if she dare tell a servant..he will throw her out LOL! RK tells Kuku that dare he talk to make things proper else if he did.. all wrong doings of Kuku-Sikky will be out..n if its clear.. Mr. Bhatia.. Jnr Bhatia n Mrs. Jnr Bhatia! Cool

RK comes to find Madhu crying sitting on the bed ..he tries to touch her but stops..! Madhu tries to explain herself..Smile! She keeps asking.. 'Tum mera vishwas karte ho?' RK says.. he knows.. she had nothing to do with it.. n he has FULL FAITH in her..! Madhu hugs RK n he hugs her too! Embarrassed *tanu faints*

RK rubs Madhus back n says.. its ok! Wink She asks again if he trust her.. n he says.. yes FULL FAITH ... BG- tera ishq.. ! RK wipes Madhus tears..! They break the eyelock..! RK goes to get water for her..!

RK teases her.. for wetting his shirt with tears.. LOL He asks Madhu to stay here till all is OK! Approve RK comes out and Dips is coming in to give bag ..n says Madhu ki to n RK says.. puja karungi.. LOL n .. she asks ..why he took case back n RK says.. THANK U .. n get lost! LOL Kuku-Sikky are busy cribbing! Kuku says.. Radha is upset so now Beta-Ma will fight..! He also says .. till details of their involvement comes. .better they chill! LOL

Dips is fuming n tries to poison Radhas mind..! She quotes.. about how wifes fight Yamraj for hubby n this wife is calling Yamraj for RK!

Part 2

Dips continues her rant. .n says.. Madhu mite not attack RK but Shammo can .. n RK has even closed the case.! D'oh What if it repeats?? AngryShocked Radha is paranoid! Ouch

RK asks for script reading..! Radha comes..n asks the guy to excuse..! She tells RK that.. for his life.. Madhu should not be in this house.. n she has to go! Madhu overhears... n Dips smirks..!

Part 3

Radha tells RK that she accepted.. the person who attacked him is her father.. but saving her father instead of hubby is wrong..! RK sees Madhu overhearing..! Radha tells RK that she wants one thing from him in life.. n nothing more..!

RK tells Radha that 14 yrs ago.she took a wrong repentance? He says..for her wrong pov.. of his wife staying ...she wont tell him to do anything n stay quiet n that too for 14 years..!

Precap --Madhu serves RK food n he is about to eat n Radha stops him..! RK says.Madhu has forgotten her wifely duty now pay! Madhu feeds RK with his own hand n Dips looks away! ROFL


Madhubala 15th November 2012 Full Episode-124

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 14th November 2012 Written Updat

Part 1
RK tells Madhu that he gave her leave to stay at home for 2 days not at the station..! RK sits on the chair and Bittu tells him that he was gonna call him! RK tells Cop to take badam as his memory lapse is causing grief to many since he had already told that he does not want to pursue the case! Cop tells RK that someone from his family requested to get the case reopened to find out the guilty.. and now they have many proof! Cop shows RK the pistol and that they found the pistol from Shammos home..! They show RK the CCTV footage .. of Shammo sneaking into RKs ward as doc and then the locket..! Cop tells RK that Shammo has accepted his crime! RK says..good job and says N.K.Pandit[the cops name] will be RKs name in next movie..! He tells cop to close the case..! Cop protests! RK says that his lawyers will prove that he had cold so he was admitted in the hosp …! He says.. who got attacked? Cop says u and so who will decide to pursue the case? Cop says u and RK says.. his decision is that he does not want to press charges..Case to be closed rightaway! RK says..its a request and an order! He asks where to sign to close the case finally and officially? Madhu -Paddo-Trish are taken aback!
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Shammo is released! He comes to cops cabin and RK is there..! RK says..he din want this .. and now no one will talk about this to anyone.. neither his nor Shammos..! RK tells Shammo that the knows Shammo does not like him and neither he likes Shammo so better he not talk dialogues of repentance as it does not suit the character as they both know what they are doing is for some reason..! RK says..they are doing this for SOMEONE ELSE! Madhu overhears..! RK asks cop if all formalities are done? Cop says.. he can leave and RK leaves..! On the way he meets Madhu and tells Bittu to call a press conference so he can declare RK is resuming shoots and the case is closed forever! RK puts the glares on and walks out..! Madhu looks on..!
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Dips is smiling looking at RKs pic on a magazine cover at home when she gets a call from the cop who informs her of whatever happened at the station and Dips is shocked! Dips fumes that she wont let Madhu get RK and neither any other happiness in life..!
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Shammo comes out of the cops cabin and Trish comes to him..! Everyone praises RK for his large heartedness of leaving Shammo .. else he did have gone to prison for 10 years! Trish tells Shammo that she does not believe whatever has been said and that she trusts that Shammo cannot do such a thing! Shammo tells Trish that he broke her trust.. he rues that he thought. .he was trying to protect his kids.. fulfilling duty of a father but he ended up embarrassing his kids..! Paddo cries .. Madhu stays quiet..! Shammo asks Madhu if he will get forgiveness for his mistake? Madhu cries and says.. a daughter can understand that whatever he did was for his daughter . .without thinking if it was right or wrong.. but that daughter is a wife too ..who saw her hubby fight death.. and got shaken up .. so a wife ..cannot forgive.. never ..ever!
Madhu walks out of the station .. and is walking on the road! She recollects moments with Shammo … eating together.. then the attack on RK…the efforts to save RK … her insulting RK..but him not saying a word…him leaving her to her parents place.. then saving Shammo .! Madhu walks in a daze..! She reaches the RK mansion ..! Dips throws her luggage on her feet..! She tells Madhu she does not need to enter… and asks her to pick the bag and return ..! Sikky says.. what did u think .. family will be happy .. congratulate her . .Shammos daughter! Dips says that this is a place for gentlemen and not killers and goons especially for a half wife. .who is plotting to kill her hubby! Madhu says.. Bhabhi .and Dips says.. no Bhabhi . no house and no 50% hubby! Dips tells Madhu that why forge a fake relation ..all know she married RK for money. .her relation is with only Shammo rest is bakwas! Radha comes and Dips shouts on her .. that she should not stop her from throwing Madhu out after her deed! Sikky-Kuku also support Dips and says..that twice RK was tried to be killed..! Dips tells RAdha that she knows Radha will say .. why punish a daughter for a fathers wrong dong but a killer gives birth to killer.. not rabbit..! Radha says..Madhu did all to save RK! Dips says.. it was a trick..! Madhu says.. its a lie.. she cant do this..! Dips reminds RAdha that Madhu is married to 40 lacs.. not RK! Dips asks Radha what is her relation to RK?? All time fights and now attack? She says that Madhu tricked RK to come out in Ganpati puja and got him attacked ..and then fought with RK so much that RK went to drop her at her her father shot RK! Dips says that she always had doubt on Madhu and esepcially after seeing her reaction seeing Madhus blank face seeing the locket..! Radha interrupts but Dips says let me continue..! Radha asserts.. ‘Ek minute’!
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Part 2
Madhu says she knows.. Radha thinks Madhu has done this but if she can let her talk to RK..! Dips and Kuku tells Madhu that RK wont come. .he hates her.. for her deed.. for returning his favour by a bullet..! Radha tells them to be quiet! Dips moves away! Radha asks Madhu if she had identified the locket yesterday when cops showed? Madhu is quiet!
Part 3
She asks MAdhu to answer? She asks if Madhu knew that before cops could reach Shammo did she know that he tried to kill RK?? Madhu is still quiet n Radha says… am asking something! Madhu tries to answer..! Radha says..yes or no..! Madhu says.. yes..! She tries to explain .. but Radha moves away… and says.. its about break of trust … who did n why doesnt matter..! She says.. it wasnt she who brought Madhu there.. so no point explaining to Radha..! She says..her relation with Madhu was of trust which has been broken! Radha turns her back to Madhu..! Madhu cries..!

Precap — Madhu says.. she wants to meet Radha once but Dips says.. no one in the family wants to meet her anymore..! Dips says..what RK did for Madhu is to pay back for what she did to save him by giving her blood.. so now no place for her better leave. .n says GET OUT n pushes Madhu n she is about to fall when RK holds her in time!

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Monday, 12 November 2012


Madhubala 12th November 2012 Full Episode-121

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 12th November 2012 Written Update

Part 1
Madhu looks shocked as she sees the gun ..! Dips films the whole thing on video! Madhu breaks down holding the gun and recollects her convo with Shammo where he said he had made a mistake and came to bury that in the pit!
At RK mansion, Radha wonders why Madhu is not back yet and din call even! Kuku ji tells her to relax and sleep..and that Madhu will come! There is some noise and Radha-Kuku-Bittu all come out to check..! Dips is in the hall and switches on the TV and Radha said RK is sleeping and u? Dips said that not just RK all members of the family are sleeping in the light of fake love and its done by Madhu..! Radha is shocked! Dips said she took the help of TV to wake them up! Kuku asks why the drama at the nite? Dips asks RAdha that Madhu is in the Durga puja? Shall prove it wrong now..! She says the brde of tihs family is playing some other game and switches on the video where Madhu is shown digging the pit and taking out and holding the gun! All look shocked!
Dips says two things — why Madhu lied and why pistol with Madhu and why she is scard with the pistol? Dips reminds them about cops asking about the locket and how Madhus face fell blank..! Radha asks what she means and Dips said that for Radha she will see only her ideal bahu side not real side! Dips said she got suspicious and tailed her! Bittu says this is wrong and Dips says that she can lie not video.. and says.. Madhu lies to them, goes to some place and take out a gun .. and her face is full of guilt.. ! She says that from her heart there is a doubt that whether its the same pistol used to fire on RK? Dips said that seems not only did Madhu know of the attack but also aided it..!
Phone rings and Dips receives ..! She tells everyone that cops have shared that from CCTV footage they got to know Shammo, Madhus father attacked RK! All are taken aback! Dips asks Radha if she believes her now? RAdha is shaken up ! Dips asks Sikky to come with her as she wants to see the person who attacked RK getting arrested wit hher own eyes!
They leave and Radha is lost in thoughts of whatever transpired!
Madhu is shattered sitting at a table waiting for Shammo and gets flashbacks of attack on RK with the knife and Shammo coming there to the hosp! Shammo comes and gives her bangles saying that she wanted them always at durga puja n he used to tell her will give when she gets married..! He says that time has come to fulfill old promises! Madhu says.. she remembers everything and talks of a childhood tale of how two kids troubled her by snatching her teddy bear..and she came to them and how Shammo chided them and got teddy bear for her! Madhu says that that day she made him promise to fight for her whenever she is troubled ! Shammo says thats a fathers duty! Shammo asks why Madhu is quiet and serious and is she hiding something! Madhu says she wants to give him something..! Shammo says.. return present and asks her to give.. like she did in childhood! Shammo keeps eye closed and Madhu puts the gun in his hand..! Shammo shocked! Madhu is in tears but firm! Madhu says she should not have made him promise.. and to fulfill it.. he fell so low..! She says that hope he din have promised at all ..! She says that if only he had broken the promise and he would not have done this! He asks her from where she got it and Madhu says.. from where he hid it..! She says this is a crime .. not a mistake..! She asks him to answer her why he did it? She asks him why he hid the gun and why there are bullets in his trunk..! She asks him .. there should be 11 bullets…but there are 10 ..where is the balance 1?? Madhu says.. i will answer.. u fired.. and that too on HER HUSBAND! She says that he tried to kill him .. fired in his heart.. but he lived..and he could not bear so again attempted to kill him..!
She tells him that the locket fell in the hosp.. when he sneaked in to attack RK..! She tells him cops got the locket and asks him why he did it? She asks him why he din think .. the person he was gonna attack.. is someones son.. someones his own daughters hubby..! She asks him .is this the way to revenge someone?? If all do what Shammo did.. no one will be alive in this world..! She tells him that she knows he loves her but ..the love does not give him right to kill someone!
She tells him.. twice he tried to kill RK! Paddo hears and is shocked..!
Part 2
Paddo asks Shammo so it was him … ! She says that the previous nite whatever Shammo said in drunken stupor was the voice of his heart. .which she felt was the words of a hurt father! She tells him that she has so much faith in him and how he could even think of killing anyone? Paddo says that when her hubby tried to kill her kid, she ran from there and came here! She says that she trusted him ..and the person she put her daughters life in ..he wanted to kill her life..! She asks Shammo ..he wanted to kill her daughters hubby … the person .. She says that her daughter was fighting ..with her father.. ! She asks .. how he became an animal from a human.. how he could do this?
There is a siren ..which announces.. the arrival of cops..!
Part 3
Chawl people ask what happened? Dips screams.. Shamsher Malik and he steps out..! Madhu too..! Dips tells cops ..they are the one.. liar, criminal, killers family ..! Madhu is shocked..!
Precap — Cop tells Shammo that he is being arrested for the attack on RK ..! Dips says that the girl Madhu too is involved and asks him to arrest her too..! Madhu is shocked!

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Nov 9 - WU - Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Part 1

Madhu prays to Durga Maa for courage to find out and face the truth as a daughter is going against her father! Shammo says.. he has prayed that Durag Maa fulfills Madhus every wish! Shocked Shammo recollects chi

ldhood days of Madhu-Trish of bringing them to the arti ..!

Madhu sneaks out of the pandal ..! Radha asks Bittu why Madhu sneaked out? Dips reminds Radha how Madhu wore saree of her choice without telling Radha but Radha says she did TongueLOL! Bittu says.. as there would be crowd at Pandal, Madhu din tell Radha and Dips says..maybe she wanted to be with her family! Dips self thought ..feel.. ur not in pandal .. DEVRANI JI! Tongue

Dips excuses herself to go to check on an injured friend! Madhu comes back to home and decides to check Shammos trunk! Madhu finds the key ..with shaking hands [ BG-hauslo se veer ho] and opens the trunk.. searches the trunk! Ouch She finds bullets n her birth certificate! Shocked

Dips reaches Madhus chawl Dead n self thought.. how can RK give space to the dirt of the chawl in his bedroom! She sees Madhu going towards the jungle and tails her! Angry

Cops get the CCTV footage n watch it on Laptop! Ouch Madhu recollects Paddos words about Shammos weird behavior and the spot where she had seen Shammo in the jungle..! She starts to dig n Dips watches! D'ohMadhu self thought Hauslo se..! Dips clicks Madhus pics! Dead Madhu takes out the gun from the pit! Shocked Dips is shocked! Shocked Clicks the pic! Ouch

Part 2

Cops see Shammo running out of the hosp ward ... n identify him ..Shocked! Shammo thanks Durga Maa for stopping him from making a big mistake! He looks around for Madhu and cant find him n asks Paddo..! Both Shammo-Paddo wonder where Madhu is? Ermm

Part 3

Cop says.. no doubts that the person who attacked RK is Shammo! Madhu breaks down seeing the gun! Cry She says... Maleek.. ! Broken HeartDips looks on! Angry

Precap -- Dips tells everyone she wants to show something as it may not be easy to bear so better they watch carefully..! She says..she wants to show them that their BAHU is playing a sly game in the guise of Durga Puja! She shows the video footage of her recording of Madhu holding the gun! Radha n all are shocked! Shocked


Madhubala 9th November 2012 Full Episode-120

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Written Update Of 8th Nov.

Part 1

Radha asks Bittu the matter and Cop shares that they got some clue of killer..! RK-Madhu come and ask the matter n Bittu shares! Cop shows the locket..! RK-Radha and others are staring while Madhu is shocked seeing it! Shocked

Cop asks them if they recognise the locket..! RK looks at Madhu and she looks away..! Ouch Cop asks RK and RK stands in front of Madhu a

nd says no! Cop says.. locket must have fallen during a struggle.. n Madhu recollects asking Shammo about locket! Ouch Cop asks Madhu n she is panicked and Dips gets suspicious.! Angry RK asks if they got anyother proof and Cop says.. CCCTV footage! RK tells Cop to close the case! Embarrassed Bittu-Radha shocked! Shocked Madhu heaves a sigh of relief..! RK says m alive.. n thats enouf!

RK says.. he does not need to know.. and asks Bittu to escort cops outside..! Confused He says..he was attacked and he will decide whether to pursue the case. .n he decides not to.. No questions.. OVER & OUT! Approve RK says.. 'All walls listen.. not gonna all disperse' LOL Madhu says.. she will come after meeting Paddo..! RK gets flashbacks of the attack in the hosp. .Madhus scared eyes seeing the locket..! RK says NO! AngryEmbarrassed Madhu requests .. but RK refuses! He calls up Paddo and says.. Madhu wont come.. n hope 'Aap apne damad ki bhavnao ko samjhengi' WinkTongue ..! He asks her to get food for him n quick! Dips overhears and keeps getting suspicious..! ErmmGeek

Paddo says.. understanding RK is like walking Rajasthan barefoot! LOL She says.. first said Madhu is here for 2 days.. n now.. says wont let her come! LOL Shammo is in thoughts but says.. maybe RK is not able to focus without Madhu! Embarrassed

Madhu feeds RK ..lost in thoughts..! Ouch RK says..salt is less..! Madhu is in thoughts.. n RK says loudly .. n Madhu opens pepper bottle .. RK corrects.. she takes salt and adds..! RK asks about Paddo n Shammo .. n Madhu drops the spoon! Shocked RK asks Madhu the matter.. n Madhu says nothing..! Madhu goes to get meds for RK n RK holds her hand n says.. if she catches cold of sulking after going to her mayka.. then she wont go there ever! Cool He says..he likes his JUNGLI BILLI .of a biwi.. not bheegi billi types! LOL

Dips goes to Cops and asks them to continue the investigation .. Shocked without informing RK! Dead

Part 2

Madhu is wide awake at nite. .as RK is blissfully asleep! She gets up and leaves..but before going says Sorry to RK . .n promises to come back before he gets up! Embarrassed Madhu is leaving and Bittu asks the matter and she says..going for Durga Arti as its last day! Smile She promises to return before RK is up!

Paddo talks of Madhu n she arrives..! She looks at Shammo n recollects cops words! Smile Paddo asks Madhu to come along to the pandal!

Part 3

Shammo-Paddo-Madhu arrive at the Durga Pandal..!

Madhu prays to God to give her strength to find out the truth and face the truth as she is going against her father .!

Precap -- Shammo gifts Madhu bangles and Madhu says she wants to give him something and puts the gun in his hand..! Shammo is shocked seeing it.. and Madhu is teary eyed!


Madhubala 8th November 2012 Full Episode-119

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Written Update Of 7th Nov.

Part 1

Radha asks about menu for lunch and servant says..for RK its what Madhu said and Radha is delighted! She says..she is missing Madhu as if she has left..! Smile He tells Radha about Madhu having called RK . . n Radha wants to call her back pronto but Dips interrupts her! Shocked Dips suggests to go to Temple to thank Siddhi Vinayak ji for saving RK Angry Radha ag


Madhu is a bit anxious and Paddo says its been just 55 minutes till she called up RK..! Let it be an hour! TongueLOL

Dips tells Radha that she will stay back to care for RK! Dead Radha agrees! She says..a med is to be given to RK which will help him sleep for 3-4 hours! Angry Radha leaves and Dips one between me n u .. RK n she disconnects the landline of the RK mansion! Shocked

Madhu calls RK n asks about his second med and RK says..she is irritating him from so far LOL n says.. she asked 45 mins before .. n Madhu says.. no ..55 mins n Paddo laufs LOL! Madhu asks RK why he aint sleepy Shocked if he took the meds and RK says.. he is sleepy n asks what if he din take ..will he come n Madhu asks if she should? RK says.. missing u biwi .. but NOT n but cuts the call LOL

Dips asks all servants to leave n says.. hum tum ek ghar me aur chabi kho jaye! Shocked RK calls for servants..for water for foot massage! Lights go off and RK sees a female figure and thinks its Madhu and goes after it..! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed The figure is walking seductively ... n RK watches..! BG - Raat akeli hai.. Shocked n Dips starts to groove seductively! Angry

She touches RKs cheeks.. arms n hand..!RK holds her hand n she walks away..! As Dips turns to face RK ..he sees Madhu..! She is dancing.. all sensuously around him..! He twirls her around..! BG- Hum hai dewane..! RK pulls Madhu closer and both in RK banner pose! Day DreamingDay Dreaming

RK touches Madhus face n then sees its Dips! Shocked He fumes Angry He walks away n in his room asks Dips to leave... n Dips says.. LAST TIME Dead ! RK says. ENOUF! She says..she looks like MAdhu n he says.. not at all Angry! Dips says..she is ahead of Madhu n RK says.. in shamelessness.. he says..the door is meant for them. .for her to leave n for him to close! Angry Dips starts to explain she was scared in the hosp n takes a knife and asks RK to kill her..! RK throws the scissors and says..ur flop actress dun try..! Dips refuses to budge! AngryAngry

RK threatens to throw water on her n throws.. n ends up splashing water on Madhu! LOL

Part 2

RK is shocked Shockedand MAdhu fumes.. Angry ..she says..he cut her call .. switch off moby landline.. n she had to come so late..without a rick .. n he wet her.. Angry RK starts to lauf LOL n Madhu says.. 'Shhh .. Chup'! RK folds her finger! LOL Both turn their backs to each other! Both burst out laufing..! LOL

Part 3

Madhu pokes RK n says nothing to lauf on n jerks her dupatta . .a drop goes in RKs eyes n she blows air on it.. n RK sets her wet locks...touches her cheek! Day Dreaming Eyelock n Bittu comes n sees a WET Madhu n asks hw she got wet.. ! RK diverts n asks why he is here n he says..cops came with info on RKs killer!

Precap -- Cop shows the locket.. and Madhu recognises.. RK .. Radha taken aback!


Madhubala 7th November 2012 Full Episode-118

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Written Update Of 6th Oct.

Part 1

Madhu starts to give Shammo haircut n notices his locket is missing! Shammo says..lost forget it! Madhu says..cant.. as childhood memories associated..! Embarrassed Madhu starts to search around the house...n Shammo tries to stop him n notices his trunk n starts to open it but Shammo chides her.. n asks her to stop it! Shocked Shamo walks out n Paddo tel

ls Madhu not to mind .. n says that Shammos acting strange.. since few days..! Confused

At nite Shammo sees Paddo-Madhu sleeping.. he opens the trunk, takes out the gun ..! Madhu is coufing n Shammo is worried that she will wake up..! Shammo sneaks out.. Madhu wakes up to drink water n notices.. Shammo going out! Wink Shammo digs a pit in the ground n recollects RKs words to Shammo that he wont tell Madhu about Shammos deed! He puts the gun in it! He rues he made a big mistake! Ouch Shammo turns n sees Madhu! Shocked

She asks him what he is doing there? Shammo asks Madhu he hasnt slept? Shammo says sorry to Madhu ..for his mistake which he cant tell her about n regrets being bad father! Madhu says...she is lucky to have him as father! Shammo tells Madhu that misunderstandings with RK is over! Embarrassed He diverts Madhu telling her childhood tales ...of ghosts! LOL

RK is feeling pain n calls out BIWI ... Ouch Remembers she isnt around! LOL He struggles to get up n Madhu helps him ..Embarrassed ! She says.. SHHH n RK says..he was SHHED last time in school .. n asks when she came? Madhu says.. she knew he cant take care of himself n she came coz she cares for Radha! Tongue She asks him if he took meds n gives him meds! Madhu goes n lies down on the other side of the bed..! RK calls Bittu and .. asks who told him to call Madhu from Mayka.. just coz he din take meds! LOL Bittu says.. Bhabhi jee..where? RK sees.. Madhu not there! LOL RK says.. meds effect n Bittu says.. u din take.. so u missing Bhabhi jee! TongueTongue He shares Madhu had called to tell him to give RK meds.. n RK asks how she knows.. Bittu says..she dreamt too like RK dreamt of her! LOL

RK tells Bittu to go n work on producers meeting.! AngryLOL Dips overhears n makes plans! ShockedAngryDead

Part 2

Madhu makes Paddo sit n asks her to give her jumpi ..! Shammo comes and gives Madhu her fave Star Candy Floss n Madhu remembers Trish! She remembers about RKs meds as she overhears Paddo-Shammo convo!

Part 3

Madhu calls up Bittu but its unreachable ..she tries RKs number..! RK says.. he was getting a lot of hitchki .. n Bittu tol him someone was missing him badly..! He says..was gonna call to ask ..not to miss him ! RK says.. she is never this quiet not in sleep! Madhu asks RK if he din take meds? RK chides her saying she was chemist? She chided him last nite too ..for not taking meds.. asks her to enjoy her holidays!

Madhu says.. Akdu kahin ka.. cut the call! Paddo smiles.. in background! LOL

Precap -- Raat akeli hai.. Dips dancing.. as RK touches her shoulder..!


 RK Ko Hua Madhubala Se Pyaar - Madhubala

Madhubala E24 segment 31st October 2012

Madhubala SBS segment 25th October

RK Sits in a Puja along with Madhu

Madhubala IF Segment - Madhubala prepares for Navratri - Oct 23 2012

Monday, 5 November 2012

Nov 5 - WU - Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Part 1 :

It starts with RK entering the house. Radha stops him. RK about to leave. Radha stops him and says that I will not ask anything from you, to you have to talk to me, just listen to me. Radha says that You always call her Biwi, biwi. But today I am very happy that you understood your wife today, understood that she was unhappy and you sent her to her parents house. RK leaves

Madhu asking when will Roma come back. She says that it will take some time. Madhu listens that malik is coughing so she makes kadh for him. Madhu then remembers RK feeding him Kadha and smiles. On the other hand RK is seeing his mouli and remembers Madhu giving her 2 options to tie it. RK smiles

Madhu feeds Malik Kadha and both gets happy. Pado sees this and gets happy. Madhu and Pado talks and pado says that so RK brought you here and saw that you were missing us. Its a very big thing. It seems that he cares for you. Madhu says lets go to sleep. Pado and Madhu lays down. Madhu then ask that do you really think that RK ccares for me. Madhu was about to say something but stops and tells her to sleep. Madhu then again interepts Pado and says that RK is very different from every men, or every human being. What he thinks no one knows. Pado says leave RK and tell me what you feel for RK. Madhu about to say that I Hat…But stops and says nothing, lets sleep. Madhu thinking about RK. RK on bed and he thinks about Madhu. He turns off the light and then says sorry to madhu and switches it back. But sees that Madhu is not there. Madhu feels RK and softens the blanket. RK looking at MB side and says Good night biwi. Madhu says Good night RK.

Dips is irritated with Madhu and sikki comes and irritate her more. Dips with the saree which she gave to Madhu and says that RK had such a great taste and now Madhu, which angle is she suitable for you RK.

Pado serevs Shamo tea, Shamo says sorry to her about last night. pado says that I am happy that your misunderstanding with RK, Shamo gives a look. She says that We all had mistaken of understanding him. Madhu serves breakfest. Shamo says that the Kada was very effective. Madhu says it was not my idea, it was RK’s. She then changes the topic.

Dips brings breakfest for RK and says that its your fav and I wanted to give you before too but Your 4 pheras waali biwi stopped me, Rk Says that I already told you in front of my Biwi that stay away. Dips says that I wont. Servant brings breakfest for RK and says that Madhu told to give you this breakfest. RK looks at Dips and smiles and says then only I will have that breakfest only. Dips leaves

Precap: Madhu ask shamo about his locket

Part 2

Dips before leaving says that should I feed you this. RK smiles and takes the bandage off and says now there is no bandage. Dips finally leave. RK starts eating and smiles thinking about Madhu feeding him as MR. India. RK smiles more and more. On the other hand, Madhu cuts her mouth and thinks about the same happening to RK and smiles That RK missing her. Madhu tells Shamo to cut her hairs.

Precap: Madhu ask shamo about his locket. Police ask where did you get this locket from, other person says it was under RK’s bed


Madhubala 5th November 2012 Full Episode-116

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Nov 2 - WU - Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Part 1

BG- Kate nahi kat-te..! Madhu stammers.. n says came to set shawl ..! Madhu says..dun like the song.. n RK says.. me neither..! Madhu turns.. her bangle gets stuck in RKs shirt n she is on top of RK EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Eyelock..! Madhu frees her hand and gets up n asks..why he is not fast forwarding the song.. if he does not like but remote is stuck! LOL Madhu offers to close the Projector but cant find the button .. n RK says.. either God or remote dont want to end the song..! LOL

RK offers popcorn to Madhu she refuses..! She sits in the chair next to RKs n is crying n says..sleepy .. going..! RK says. picture abhi baki NAHI hai .. so sit n Madhu says.. dun like this part.. RK says.. coz tina dies? Madhu shares how Shammo used to switch off TV in this part..! Madhu shares how Shammo saved.. Madhu-Trish from childhood! Narrates.. Ballus attacks on Paddo n Shammo saving! Madhu rues she could not defend Shammos honour n then says.. what point telling to RK .. he is stone. .n wont understand matters of love..! Ouch

RK asks about her real father [Ballu] n why he wanted to kill her? Madhu gets up to leave n RK stops.. n says.. answer .. n Madhu refuses .both bicker finally .. Madhu shares..that.. Ballu was told his time will turn bad if Madhu is born .. n then shares about target practising by Ballu on Trish! She shares how Shammo saved them! She shares how Shammo never asked the kids to call him dad.. n says.. relations of trust are more than relations of blood..! She fumes on RK for insulting Shammo though he came to patch up! AngryConfused Madhu walks out n RK kicks sofa around n says.. he din insult Shammo! Ouch

Shammo comes n Paddo asks him to share why he was upset? Shammo closes the door n walks towards Paddo..! Paddo is holding a knife for cutting veggies..! Shammo is drunk n takes the knife n says.. 'Finish ..RK'! Paddo stops him ..! There is a knock on the door n its RK-Madhu..! Shocked

Part 2

RK asks Paddo. .to get arti thal to welcome them n if not let them enter LOL! Paddo asks Madhu if all is well? RK says..they are no CHAMKADARS... to wander at nite. but.. her daughter was missing them n hasnt eaten so he decided ..their daughter stay in her babul ka ghar.. but for 2 days! Tongue

RK asks Shammo to come out with him for 2 mins..! Wink Ma-beti both worried..!LOL RK tells Madhu he wont misbehave! RK teases Shammo about knife .. n says.. he was tempted to tell Madhu the whole truth but.. he din as Shammos hate is his love for Madhu.. n he found it SWEET n Madhu cried more for respect of Shammo n also that RK deserved it for his misdeeds! Evil Smile

Part 3

Paddo asks Madhu if she really said.. that she was missing them n seems she din have any idea he was gonna bring her there..! Madhu says.. RK himself has no idea what he is doing! D'oh Madhu says.. everytime she feels she understands him..she does something that is beyond her understanding..!Confused

Madhu goes to check on RK- Shammo! RK is telling Shammo daughter likes a father chopping veggies with knife not someones neck! Duo hug.. n Madhu is Shocked n calls out.. to Shammo! RK says.. 'Apni biwi ko yaha chod ke ja raha hun ..uska dil mat todiyega'!Embarrassed

Precap -- Ward boy gives Shammos locket to cop n from under RKs bed..! Cop says..seems someones special thing..! Madhu is getting Shammo ready for haircut n asks where is his locket? Shammo is Shocked


Madhubala 2nd November 2012 Full Episode-115

Thursday, 1 November 2012