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Madhubala May 9 - Madhubala SLITS her WRIST - Behind the Scenes

Friday, 10 May 2013

10th May - WU - Madhu ne baja Dips ka band baja..

Part 1

Dips tells RK ..that Madhu has accepted ..

RK asks Madhu if she din meet? Madhu says.. NO din meet.. RK gloats Dips is shocked

Dips asks her not to lie. .n Madhu asks for proof.. pic/video ? Dips is speechless !! Dips asks Sikky ... n he says yes.. n RK threatens Sikky.. n he changes the answer!

Madhu asks.. if Sultan is not allowed in the mall? Dips asks.. why at same time? Madhu says.. someone must have called him.. to set her up.. to look guilty

Sultan returns home.. n thinks about RKs taunts n barbs.. n fumes! Aryan asks about the injury to Sultan.. but he asks Aryan not to be Kaka..! Aryan asks how he got hurt n Sultan says..just something..!

Aryan asks Sultan to bend n blows on the injury n asks if hurt reduced? He says how Madhu had done what Aryan did now when Sultan was shot! Father son hug..!

Dips alleges Madhu for lying n Madhu says.. its proven that Dips can go to any extent to trap Madhu..! RK gives 8 hours to Sikky-Dips to leave but Sikky begs him not to..!

RK asks them to apologise to Madhu .. but turns n sees Madhu gone n RK screams ...

Sultan dabs his injured lip n fumes recollecting RKs insults ... Madhu lifts the wet cloth ... that Sultan has thrown ..n asks if there is something she can apply Sultan throws things away n asks Madhu to look into his eyes.. n asks why is she here?

Madhu says.. came to say SORRY Sultan says.. not to apologise for RK.. n that its hurting.. him.. to see the words that RK used against Madhu .. how did he demean a hubby-wife relation?

Madhu says.. RK thot Madhu had invited him so. .n Sultan asks.then why did she invite him?

Bittu tells RK that Madhus cell is out of reach .. Radha asks about Madhus friends .. Paddo? RK says not to call .. n says.. Madhu left coz RK being trapped by two jokers insulted her so..!! He asks them to let Madhu be.. n she will return on her own..!

RK tells Dips-Sikky to pray Madhu returns by next morning or he will leave them in the jungle.. to be fed by animals..!

Part 2

Sikky apologises to Radha.. n Radha chides Dips She says that if she knew Dips true colors..she did have kicked Dips out before RK

Dips fumes that Chawl bala is playing games.. fooling all but no one can see.. n resolves that she will expose Madhu n her lies..!

Part 3

Madhu says sorry for whatever happened n thanks him for coming to the party

She asks how Sultan knew something was wrong? Sultan stammers n says.. JUST LIKE THAT ..since he knows she is self reliant..!

She thanks him again...

Precap ---- Madhu says..after she leaves.. RK will trust that she returned just for him..! Madhu is about to slit her wrist.. RK keeps screaming.. Madhu ..!!



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Saturday, 20 April 2013


20th April - WU - Tum mere ho ..sirf mere ho

Part 1

RK asks Madhu to answer

Then says.. heroine was gonna reply ... but villain puts gun on heroes head..

Madhu-Bittu are silent..! RK says..this is climax! He is on heroine.. will heroine save the hero? RK says..then gunfire ... Madhu is shocked!

... RK makes Bittu to get the story written... n says..its based on real life..! RK asks Madhu ..whats the title? Hum hai dewane? or Hum they dewane?

Madhu is silent... Bittu leaves..! RK asks what is THE END of this? Madhu says.. no idea!

RK says.. Madhu Rishabh Kundra is a guide with all answers.. what would happen if the gun was fired? RK the villains role became so big? This was THEIR WORLD ..only love was 3rd one.. !

RK says.. she was angry on him ..slapped him .. he was angry on her.. so slapped her heart.! RK asks..why his pleasure to see her suffer ended? Maybe coz the yearning ended in Madhu

RK says.. n while he sent Madhu away.. she came nearer.. his heart beat became.. Madhu Madhu..! RK says.. but ..Madhu MOVED ON..with someone else!

RK says.. he wanted to put the gun like Sultan did.. when he saw Sulbala.. but he would have shot Madhu ..coz she cheated him ..n he did hv ended his life.. for ending her life!

RK says.. he din need to do it..coz she is his.. to touch her to love her.. is his right..! He may or maynot love her. .but she cannot love anyone else..! RK hugs Madhu... n says.. JUST MINE.. !!

RK says.. at the end.. .hero gets heroine. n villain dies.. so next time she calls her mom..get it confirmed!

RK does an interview n tells them that.. Rishbala are back together! Bittu gives them pic of Rishbala happy together!

RK asks if poison ivy reservation is done? Bittu says yes..! RK tries Madhus cell .. no answer! He asks Bittu to search..!

Paddo asks Trish why she is worried? Trish walks out .. ! Bittu tells RK .. Madhu is not there .. RK says he knows where she is..!

Trish spots Madhu entering the chawl ...greets her.. n asks the matter ..n if she has reconciled with RK?? Madhu asks how she knows? Trish says.. Chuggli-amma Dips came!

Madhu narrates.. how RK forced her back .. Trish asks..why she din fight? Madhu says.. she tried.. ! Trish says.. din succeed ?

Part 2

Trish tells Madhu that ..she had asked.. what Madhu would do if RK came back long back n if Madhu remembers that? She asks if Madhu has forgiven RK?

Madhu says..she hasnt forgiven RK ...

Trish says...still she loves RK a lot..

Madhu asks Trish to trust her..n not tell Paddo...!

Part 3

RK comes to chawl ... n enters Madhus home..!

Paddo is shocked seeing him there..! RK says..its not possible that Madhu is missing n Paddo is quiet..!

RK asks if Madhu is with Sultan? RK takes her cell n calls Sultan ..n asks where is Madhu?? Sultan is surprised..!

Precap -- Sultan says RK? RK says..he din call to hear his name.. ! He asks where is Madhu? Sultan says..she is not here ... n that Madhu is an intelligent girl n if she is not with RK...she has made some big decision! Sultan tells RK that if Madhu were his wife..he would have given her so much happiness that she would have no reason to go away from him!