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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 14th November 2012 Written Updat

Part 1
RK tells Madhu that he gave her leave to stay at home for 2 days not at the station..! RK sits on the chair and Bittu tells him that he was gonna call him! RK tells Cop to take badam as his memory lapse is causing grief to many since he had already told that he does not want to pursue the case! Cop tells RK that someone from his family requested to get the case reopened to find out the guilty.. and now they have many proof! Cop shows RK the pistol and that they found the pistol from Shammos home..! They show RK the CCTV footage .. of Shammo sneaking into RKs ward as doc and then the locket..! Cop tells RK that Shammo has accepted his crime! RK says..good job and says N.K.Pandit[the cops name] will be RKs name in next movie..! He tells cop to close the case..! Cop protests! RK says that his lawyers will prove that he had cold so he was admitted in the hosp …! He says.. who got attacked? Cop says u and so who will decide to pursue the case? Cop says u and RK says.. his decision is that he does not want to press charges..Case to be closed rightaway! RK says..its a request and an order! He asks where to sign to close the case finally and officially? Madhu -Paddo-Trish are taken aback!
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Shammo is released! He comes to cops cabin and RK is there..! RK says..he din want this .. and now no one will talk about this to anyone.. neither his nor Shammos..! RK tells Shammo that the knows Shammo does not like him and neither he likes Shammo so better he not talk dialogues of repentance as it does not suit the character as they both know what they are doing is for some reason..! RK says..they are doing this for SOMEONE ELSE! Madhu overhears..! RK asks cop if all formalities are done? Cop says.. he can leave and RK leaves..! On the way he meets Madhu and tells Bittu to call a press conference so he can declare RK is resuming shoots and the case is closed forever! RK puts the glares on and walks out..! Madhu looks on..!
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Dips is smiling looking at RKs pic on a magazine cover at home when she gets a call from the cop who informs her of whatever happened at the station and Dips is shocked! Dips fumes that she wont let Madhu get RK and neither any other happiness in life..!
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Shammo comes out of the cops cabin and Trish comes to him..! Everyone praises RK for his large heartedness of leaving Shammo .. else he did have gone to prison for 10 years! Trish tells Shammo that she does not believe whatever has been said and that she trusts that Shammo cannot do such a thing! Shammo tells Trish that he broke her trust.. he rues that he thought. .he was trying to protect his kids.. fulfilling duty of a father but he ended up embarrassing his kids..! Paddo cries .. Madhu stays quiet..! Shammo asks Madhu if he will get forgiveness for his mistake? Madhu cries and says.. a daughter can understand that whatever he did was for his daughter . .without thinking if it was right or wrong.. but that daughter is a wife too ..who saw her hubby fight death.. and got shaken up .. so a wife ..cannot forgive.. never ..ever!
Madhu walks out of the station .. and is walking on the road! She recollects moments with Shammo … eating together.. then the attack on RK…the efforts to save RK … her insulting RK..but him not saying a word…him leaving her to her parents place.. then saving Shammo .! Madhu walks in a daze..! She reaches the RK mansion ..! Dips throws her luggage on her feet..! She tells Madhu she does not need to enter… and asks her to pick the bag and return ..! Sikky says.. what did u think .. family will be happy .. congratulate her . .Shammos daughter! Dips says that this is a place for gentlemen and not killers and goons especially for a half wife. .who is plotting to kill her hubby! Madhu says.. Bhabhi .and Dips says.. no Bhabhi . no house and no 50% hubby! Dips tells Madhu that why forge a fake relation ..all know she married RK for money. .her relation is with only Shammo rest is bakwas! Radha comes and Dips shouts on her .. that she should not stop her from throwing Madhu out after her deed! Sikky-Kuku also support Dips and says..that twice RK was tried to be killed..! Dips tells RAdha that she knows Radha will say .. why punish a daughter for a fathers wrong dong but a killer gives birth to killer.. not rabbit..! Radha says..Madhu did all to save RK! Dips says.. it was a trick..! Madhu says.. its a lie.. she cant do this..! Dips reminds RAdha that Madhu is married to 40 lacs.. not RK! Dips asks Radha what is her relation to RK?? All time fights and now attack? She says that Madhu tricked RK to come out in Ganpati puja and got him attacked ..and then fought with RK so much that RK went to drop her at her her father shot RK! Dips says that she always had doubt on Madhu and esepcially after seeing her reaction seeing Madhus blank face seeing the locket..! Radha interrupts but Dips says let me continue..! Radha asserts.. ‘Ek minute’!
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Part 2
Madhu says she knows.. Radha thinks Madhu has done this but if she can let her talk to RK..! Dips and Kuku tells Madhu that RK wont come. .he hates her.. for her deed.. for returning his favour by a bullet..! Radha tells them to be quiet! Dips moves away! Radha asks Madhu if she had identified the locket yesterday when cops showed? Madhu is quiet!
Part 3
She asks MAdhu to answer? She asks if Madhu knew that before cops could reach Shammo did she know that he tried to kill RK?? Madhu is still quiet n Radha says… am asking something! Madhu tries to answer..! Radha says..yes or no..! Madhu says.. yes..! She tries to explain .. but Radha moves away… and says.. its about break of trust … who did n why doesnt matter..! She says.. it wasnt she who brought Madhu there.. so no point explaining to Radha..! She says..her relation with Madhu was of trust which has been broken! Radha turns her back to Madhu..! Madhu cries..!

Precap — Madhu says.. she wants to meet Radha once but Dips says.. no one in the family wants to meet her anymore..! Dips says..what RK did for Madhu is to pay back for what she did to save him by giving her blood.. so now no place for her better leave. .n says GET OUT n pushes Madhu n she is about to fall when RK holds her in time!

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