Friday, 24 August 2012

August 24 - Written Update - Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Recap — Madhu tells RK that he is an animal..! She says that he doesnt know what family is! She says .. that shefeels pity on the woman who gave birth to him! RK breaks bottles and asks her angrily.. if she really feels pity on his upbringing?

Part 1

RK tells Madhu that next time she tries to lecture him the bottles wont be on the ground but on her .. (RK is about to hit Madhu on her head when a lady calls out RISHAB)! RK stops! He recollects .. his moms remarriage and stops! RK starts to walk out and comesand stands next to his mom.. looks at his bleeding hand and says that ‘Some injurieswhich when kept near the heart, become incurable .. and that such an injury is close to his heart..!’ RK walksoff! RKs mom calls all servants and asks them to clean up all the mess and to ensure no piece is left! Madhu is walking and RKs mom asks her to walk carefully or her feet mite get cut! She walks away! Madhu recollects RKs words!At the chawl, Paddo is addingup money and Roma comes! Roma gives her cash and says she could only manage so much and that she fears nothing much can be done! Paddo says that they have to arrange money … n that she sold off all her things! Roma says its not possible to arrange 40 lacs ! Paddo breaks down and says she cant let her daughter stay with that Monster! Roma reassures her and says thatMadhu is not weak n that she will come out victorious thru it all! RK is bandaging his bleeding hand in his room! His mom comes to him..She tries to help him but he takes his hand away and moves away from her! She calls him out as ‘Rishu’ his nickname. but he doesnt acknowledge! She says that she is doing a favour to herself by helping him! She tells him that when he is injured.. it hurts her too! Shetakes his hand and bandages it! The bandage is done and RK takes his hand away from hers and walks away!In her room .. Madhu is standing by the window and recollects RKs words! She hears some noise! RK is pulling his fathers rocking chair up the stairs with his injured hand and drinking aswell! RKs hand is bleeding! His mom keeps calling him outand asks him what he is doing? She asks him to tells someone to get the chair up but he refuses to listen! In the morning .. RKs mom comes to Madhus room and knocks! Madhu opens!She notices that Madhus Mangalsutra is in knotted fashion and says.. Mangalsutra ULAJH gaya hai..main Suljha deti hoon! She helps Madhu to put it properly! She asks Madhu..her name …as in its.. Madhubala?? She says that.. she was sleepless all nite and dinno how to start the convo coz some pains cannot be reduced by sympathy and some hurts cannot be mended by hope! She says that RK.. has givenMadhu such pain and hurt and that she cant mend those away but whatever .. she has to say to Madhu mite help to reduce her pain! She folds her hand and asksMadhu to forgive RK and hertoo! Servant comes and asksMadhu to come downstairs as RK is calling! RK keeps calling .. ‘Biwi’! Madhu says..she is coming! RKs mom patsMadhus face and goes out!

Part 2

Bittu tells RK his shift timing ..of 9am – 6pm and a mag asking for interview! RK says that even Madhu was not after him as much as the mag.. they shouldnt have made them wait for 4-6 weeks! RK keeps calling out Biwi and his mom arrives! RK looks away! Madhu comes holding RKs kit! RK tells Madhu that she could have gotten a watch in dowry..atleast they wont have been late! RK asks Bittu to gift Madhu a watch! RKs mom tells him that he is going to the shoot..but whereis Madhu going? Bittu explains that … Bhabhi ji akaMadhu is RKs personal assistant… as in responsibleto take care of RKs food etc! RKs mom says she knows what such assistants are called …n that they are calledSpot.. but Madhu is the Daughter in law of the houseand not a personal assistant! RKs mom asks what is the reason to make Madhu work.. when so much staff is there! RKs mom tells him to fulfill the wedding vows … n rather take Madhuto her home for PAG-Phera!

Part 3R

K tells Bittu that ..the houseis RKs… whatever happens in this house is as per his wish..! He says that one new member has come in the house and her name is Madhubala Rishabh Kundra.. !He says that no one will tell RK what to do with Madhu coz.. he has bought her with Rs. 40 lacs! He says that no one will tell him where Madhuwill go.. what she will eat .. etc! RK tells Bittu to refresh peoples memories coz.. ‘No ones will has governed RKs life.. n no one ever will!’ RK tells Madhu to come out in 30seconds .. for her good health else! RK leaves.. Bittu follows! Madhu looks at RKs mom.. who helplessly looks back at her!

Precap – Someone is talking on the phone and asks about what accident? He tells the person on the moby that he is not scared of RK and is coming rightaway! [Raza Murad and Sikander entering]

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