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today wu 28/02/2013

  Part 1 :

RK asked director wheter it is necssary to do all this.

Diresctor instructs heroine for the take.

They are rehearsing while MB is adjusting her hair,

Intezaaring for CHAND, i guess its Karwachauth scene

Shraddha is doing pooja…via the channi…RK yells cut.

Says, i know i am better than moon, but look at moon first, taked tha channi form her n startds instructing her, and in guise is watching Madhu via it.

Fbs of their nakli KC scene…


radha n bittuji talking, bittuji has written teh script sipossedly, so he is putting scenes that might make them rem something.

B is worried that from tom outdoor shooting so how to manao MB to join them

Radha says that they have Bappa too on their side, so no worries


Dirsctor calls cut n RK invites all ppl for party, emphasinging that EVRYONE has to come

MB is going, when RK stops her saying that EVRYONE includes u too. he taints that is she worried or did mommy call her home early.

Again taunts her that she is scared, and sas that he will send food n sharab to her house, and to tell him which brand she orefers.

MB gives her bag to some spot dada…indicating that she is not going.


Sikki n Dipz enter, Sikki spots free ki daru

Dipz to herself, i will take revenge for waht u did today. the insult u did in front of RK

Calls waiter n mixes drink(so its DIPZ n NOT RK who mixed drinks)


She mixes something in coke bottle, and gives it to someone who is talking with Madhu who comes to get a drink.

(packed Bottle when she just mixed it?)

Madhu drinks it n them Dipz says “cheers madhu, get ready to become a JOKE”

RK comes n B askes to start misic. He sattrs drining, looks at MB n raises glass, MB ignores n turns away


Madhu feels uneasy but says sealed bottle, so no issues.

Sikki n Dipz dancing.

RK drinking continously,

Dipz comes to him n says control, but RK tells her to control, otherwise she wud be the one who wud be humilated.

She laughs n tpuches him., and says, why do u speak to me so? Mb watches n avoids, RK notices n removes her hand.

Screams for B2ji, says, this is whiskey, it has nasha, from so many days it was not affecting.

B2ji to himslef, this is not alcohol nasha but ISQ nasha

Madhus friends go for dinner, but she says she isnt hungry

Dipz pulls RK for a dabce, MB doesnt like it

RK remebres light incidence, (her saving him from light) while staring at MB

MB feeling dizzy , she remebers the night of the studio,

Dipk is going between RK n sikki

Mb feels dizzy, RK smirks looking at her, she has tears in her eys, he grabs another bottle, and goes to her, but she is misisng. He calss for her and sats, “madhu Mr india bani”


He saerches for her eveywhere, but cant find her. Madhu madhu chilaaing.

he calls her, she doesnt pick up phone, he laughs(he is full tight) ke mb sacchi Mr India ban gayi hai, Smiles cutely at his own joke.

Finds her in room, she is washing face with spray, tells her i called u but u didnt pick up. she replies didnt coz it was u


she falls on him, he tells her to take care.

bith stare into each others eyes, he smells her breath n asks, did u drink. she says no.
he says no, i can se it in ur eyes that u r drunk. Lol. At least half bottle u have drunk.

Rk shouts at her cutely, how can u drink, ar e u mad, first time me u drank so much!

MB stops him n shows finger and asks, “who are u? and do u know how much i can drink. “Who are u to shout at me like that,?”

RK says “we will go far away. i want to talk to u. i am in pain, i am dying from inside.” Madhu looks at him tearfully



Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 28th February 2013


Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 27th February 2013

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

27th Feb: WU: Chawl bala ne baja dala

Part 1

At the mansion ... Bittu calls Radha n Radha asks for Madhu! Bittu says..cant find her! Dips calls for makeup and hair n another girl comes instead of Madhu..! RK is bemused..! RK notices.. Bittu talking on the phone and snatches the phone from him and tells Radha..that he apologises that their new game of 'cooking khichdi' is 'Tujhe kuch na pata meri maa..!' He says... 'Teri himmatwali .. hauslo se bhari hui.. jail hui kheer...Madhubala Ex Kundra.. aaj kaam pe nahi aai Meri Maa..! Tujhe kuch na pata.. meri maa...!'

RK cuts the call ...and sings.. Mujhe sab hai pata..meri maa! RK walks off! Dips comes to RK and offers him juice.. but he shoves her hand aside..! Dips pulls a chair and sits next to RK! She starts to flirt with RK and RK tells Dips that.. till he says action ... she shouldn't come in her characterless character! Dips says..she lives and dies on his rude venomous words that create a hole in her heart! He tells her that he is tired of telling GET OUT to her.. but she doesnt budge..!! He asks if she will take her smile to some corner n leave him alone?.. ! Dips says..why?? Right then Bittu comes and tells Dips to go to her vanity for her makeup! Dips says.. no.. to call for makeup there!RK says..go! Dips fumes but goes..! RK tells Bittu that he knows.. Bittu doesnt like him anymore but he has helped .. RK thanks Bittu!

As soon as Dips enters the make up room ...Sikky leaps at her and hugs her ..and says.. he came to meet her. ! He thanks Bittu for the idea.! He it can be a media news that hubby came to woo wifey..! He brings Scotch. .for her. .to celebrate! Dips is worship ...for her.. n Sikky offers to do joint worship! Dips suggests... Sikky to find.. another pooja for the age for him to work is gone already! Sikky pulls Dips to himself.. and says.. having him around will help as he can impress.. RK ..n that way land up Bittus job all over again!

Bittu grins happily seeing Sikky irritating Dips..! A courier guy comes with some parcel for RK..! It has a card..that reads.. GET WELL SOON! There's a gift package.. ! Bittu is worried seeing it and RK says.. even if its a will blush seeing him...n fizzle out so not to worry! RK says.. he has many enemies.. especially Madhubala Shamsher Malik ..or Bittu or Radha! RK says..anyways..lets open..! He opens and there is first aid box..! There are notes stuck to each item kept in the first aid box..!

First Note - On med bottle- Jab bahut der tak.. chaale sochte hue..sirdard ho ye sirdard ki goli .. !

Second Note - On medical cloth to wrap - Jab tumhare plans.. flop ho jae.. aur gusse me paglate hue hath kat jae to patti..!

Third Note - On dettol bottle- Aur ye tumhare..andar ke zehar ke liye.. [the Note further reads...know it wont be enouf.. but anything bigger was not avaialable !

Fourth Note - Ear cotton - To stop worlds taunts to reach his ears..!

RK is about to throw the first aid box.. when Bittu stops him and gives him the final note..

Final Note - .. Thought to give something for the heartache.. but...

Right then Madhu enters and says... but recollected that u dun have a heart!

RK says.. Ahan.. laut ke Madhubala studio aai! Madhu says..sorry.. as she got late but it was coz she had to buy the stuff.. as someone is SICK! RK if she did some brave thing by sending all this thru some third person..?! The fact that she sent it thru someone else proves that there still is some pain in that heart of hers!

Madhu says..he had only thing that people could respect.. his brains. .but seems he has sold it off.. to buy hanky to wipe his sweat..! Madhu finsishes the line saying..thats..coz..these days..he sweats..seeing her..! Dips-Sikky-Bittu watch amazed! Madhu says..had she given him the gift herself.. he wont have taken...! She says.. she has learnt from him.. to do things grandly. .with style. .else scene becomes bland..! Madhu says...there was no drama.. in the notes she she thinks..he genuinely needs help and CARE! RK asks who kept her on his nursing duty? Madhu says..its called social service.. ! She says.. one can serve.. enemies too ..! Also when he will fail. he will be shattered. broken . injured. but she.. is still working well with a broken heart..! Madhu tells RK that..he had challenged her.. 2 days back but he doesnt know fairness. .. but now he will get his answer in his language..! Trick vs Trick.. Move vs Move.. and cheapness vs cheapness. .but no one can be as cheap as him ..! She says.. she doesnt care..whether she is a horse or a donkey in this game of chess..Vampire! RK is confused!

Madhu tells him to ask VAMP the meaning of this line! She addresses Dips...! She says... Vamp err Dips.. neither am i .. a horse.. nor a donkey...rather i am a jockey.. who will decide the speed of the race... and the direction..! Madhu says.. she has decided.. victory in this race will be hers.. n hers alone..!

Part 2

Madhu comes in the makeup room and starts to do the heroines hair ..!Dips comes and sits next to the heroine..and is getting her hair done..! She yaps with the heroine and says..that she should look perfect.. for every shot.. clothes.. jewellery.. nails.. makeup.. hair.. n hence to ensure.. using good quality hair products and ..also use.. top hair stylist like hers.. who is trendy not like regular.. Chawl bala who looks like pan chewing stylist at some random hair saloon in a chawl! Madhu frowns as the heroine looks on confused!

Part 3

Dips tells the heroine that.. for a star. .their image matters the most.. the people around them everyone..should be of standard as one does not know..when a media person comes! Right then.. Sikky comes and back hugs Dips and Madhu smirks..! Sikky tells a media guy to click pics of himself with Dips and headline.. 'Kaise Sikky ne manaya Dippy ko'! He will be a perfect family package! Bhai-Bhabhi on RKs movie set! Dips asks Sikky to leave or else! Sikky quickly goes off!

The heroine asks Dips if the guy was her manager ? She tells Dips that.. her manager is very interesting and asks ..if she can hire.. him..? Dips walks out in a huff! Madhu smiles on!

Precap -- RK is drunk and comes in the make up room! He sees Madhu n says.. called..u but u din receive..! Madhu says..coz its his call! Madhu stutters n RK too! RK asks if she drank? Madhu says no! RK says..yes.. she is drunk ..he can see..! RK and Madhu lose balance and RK holds Madhu in 'RK banner' pose..! Eyelock..!


Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 26th February 2013 

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W.U. ....26th feb 2013

Part 1

AD comes n tells Dips shot is ready Madhu walks out n Dips says.. THIS GIRL IS SOMETHING

Shot begins.. Dips in seductive mode.. dancing on ‘Muskaan jhooti hai’ RK sitting at the restaurant… in the shoot!
Dips keeps touching RK n he looks at Madhu who looks away..! Dips keeps clinging on to RK … RK keeps looking at Madhu n Madhu keeps looking away.. She finally walks off!
Dir praises her n she says.. BEST Deserves BEST .. aka HEROs movie deserves best..! She clings on to RK n he says…dir said CUT .. so dun stretch! Dips says.. their pair created fire in heart.. n will create onscreen n RK says..she is bulb.. who can be switched off. .n Dips says..better than Bulb n RK says..tubelight.. or whatever cheesy stuff..better be stuck in Sikkys room!
Dips gets caps of RK n herself n flaunts to Madhu..! She asks Madhu her thoughts on Dips-RK jodi aka chemistry..! She says..this is real RK! Madhu says..its the REAL RK who uses people… n she knows better! Dips asks.who danced with RK? closed in… n will leave with him… .SHE.. but Madhu has no relation with RK.. nothing!
Dips tells Madhu that a horse might not win..race but only races won by horses are remembered not a donkeys hardwork! Madhu is climbing the stairs at the chawl n keeps getting flashbacks of RK-Dips and Dips words..! Trish calls out!
Madhu rues…what is she doing? Trish says.. not all is lost.. so fight can go on! She says.. life is like films releasing on Friday.. it will keep changing..! Trish asks Madhu what she will do if RK wants to come back n Madhu says she HATES RK!
Madhu says .. her heart is in pieces n Trish asks what if RK wants to mend it?? Madhu says.. a broken glass…cannot be mended n if it is.. there will be a crack in it for life! Trish asks..what if RK begs for forgiveness.. n Madhu says..she can never trust RK ever again! Trish asks her to stay firm!

Part 2

At dinner at the mansion .. Radha asks Dips about the shoot .. n RK tries to avert… Sikky is shocked too…! Radha asks why Dips din tell her about the shoot?? Dips tries to explain n RK cut out the Saas-Bahu drama!

He asks for Tali hui Gobi sabzi but Radha avoids ..! RK gets up n leaves!

Part 3

Next day.. RK-Dips comes together on the shoot! Bittu is there too..! Dips calls for makeup n hair.. n its some new girl!

RK smirks.. u lost Madhubala Shamsher Malik

Precap — Radha calls Bittu n RK takes the phone from Bittu n says.. Hauslo se veer.. Jali hui kheer.. hai lapata .. aaj Meri Maa..!


Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 25th February 2013

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25th Feb: WU : Despo Dipali vs Chawl Wali Biwi

Part 1

Madhu asks RK what will he do to avenge the 5th slap?? Humiliate her..some more.?? Do what he couldnt do before others?? She removes her dupatta and RK glares at her...n she glares back! RK says.. SHUT UP and OUT! Madhu says..she isnt scared of his nothing is left in her to get scared..! RK kneels on the floor n lifts her dupatta and bag..! He puts the dupatta on her and covers her .. n drags her out of the set...n locks the door behind him! Madhu is shivering and RK slams his hand on the door..! Madhu wipes her tears and heads out of there!

At the mansion RK asks Bittu where he was till now and asks him what he is doing tailing him? He asks him to get the schedule fixed for next day.. and to fix the car and screams his lungs out and asks Bittu to leave! RK recollects Madhus words.. and paces around in his room! He glares at the mirror and breaks the dressing table ..! He hurts his finger and sees the blood and says. DAMN U MADHUBALA! Dips comes and says.. correct.. Bhad me jaye..woh Chawl bala..and what has she done? She sees his bleeding finger and tries to touch but RK warns her. .that she will regret..if she dare come close and tells her to GET OUT! Dips leaves!

Madhu is walking on the road.. in a daze..! BG- Kaise jiyun tere bin Mahi..!

Its raining and RK is drinking.. ! He slams the bottle down..! Bittu comes in his room and says.. the car is ready.. n the shooting is fixed.. and new heroine has come! RK says..which brand of whiskey is this? Bittu says..ur fave! RK says..then why isnt it working..why cant he forget everything! RK sits on the rocking chair n closes his eyes...! Bittu says.. 'Pyaar ka nasha.. sharab ka nasha..kaise chadhega'!

Next day in the morning.. Trish is getting ready to go to work..! Madhu too..! Trish notices.. Madhus torn kurta.. and Madhu rushes out! Trish calls out to her and asks if all is well? She asks if RK did anything? Madhu says.. all is well..! Trish tells Madhu to remember that.. whenever things get bad.. n she feels she cant bear it..then she should remember.. Trish is with her.. ! Four hands instead of Two..will help to ease things in her life..! Madhu smiles and excuses herself..!

Dips screams on Sikky on the phone and says..she regrets marrying an idiot like him n slams the phone n rues.. God knows why she married him! RK says.. as if God will answer her question! She asks RK how he is and RK says..either RK is very good or very bad..! Dips asks..what did SHE do?? RK says..dare not take HER name before him! Dips says..wont..! She asks him what he is doing there? RK says..she is wasting time to know what RK is doing at her doorstep? He asks Dips if she remembers what he said? Dips can he think she will forget??! RK says..brilliant.. Dips has to do something for him! Dips smiles!

At the studio.. RK is shooting a scene..! Director says CUT..! RK asks for makeup..! Madhu is standing next to RK .. she opens her tiffin to eat..! An AD comes and tells her that an actress who has come to do CAMEO has called her for hairstyle..! Madhu says ok! She comes and finds RK talking to HER n Madhu comes close to her n says.. EXCUSE ME MAM!

Part 2

The heroine turns... n its Dips...!RK smirks..he tells Dips ..her hairdresser has come.. so he better hand her over to Dips.. n leave..! RK says.. ALL URS .. ENJOY!! RK leaves..! Dips comes in her green room and tells Madhu it wont be that fun as Madhu wont be at her feet..! Madhu keeps mum! Dips tells Madhu to give her some gossip.. as RK doesnt tell her anything! She tells Madhu that she found out that RK made Madhu give him jumpi.. n that last night..something special happened between them..what is it? Madhu keeps mum..! Dips says.. SO TYPICAL ..! She says.. had she shared..she did feel light.. but maybe.. she doesnt have anything in her! Dips says..that.. Madhu must be shocked to see her there.. as such she had quit.. but RK she couldnt refuse..! She no half-pheras.. no fake relation can come between .. Dips-RK..! She says.. nothing changed.. coz of her marriage.. nor RKs marriage..err fake marriage..! Madhu ends up tugging at Dips hair.. n Dips says.. its hurting.. work properly!

Part 3

Dips tells Madhu that..its sad to see her work like a donkey around there! She says in a race between .. Donkeys and Horses... Horses win..! Dips tells Madhu ..why did she run? Madhu says.. that a donkey hard ..n eats.. but a horse..gets love for winning two races.. n then when it cant win anymore.. its shot dead or fed poison..! Dips says.. Chawl bala..says a line... ! Well ..there is something about u..! Madhu says..wish could say same for u... theres nothing in u .. though tried hard to search..! Madhu-Dips glare at each other..!

Precap-- Dips seduces.. RK for the scene at a restaurant... on the song .. Muskaan jhooti hai..! Madhu watches..! RK keeps looking at Madhu n she looks away..!

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[SBS] 24th February - Drashti Dhami and Vivian Dsena - Jealousy