Thursday, 23 August 2012

August 22 - Written Update - Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Part 1
RK asks Madhu to rehearse with him! Madhu requests him to let her go to the hosp to see Shammo as he is sinking!
RK taunts her saying only thing lacking is folding her hands and he likes it! RK says whatever work is happening here is imp so she cant go! Madhu says.. Shammo is troubled coz of her and RK says..she is troubling him! RK asks Bittu to keep an eye on the 9th servant n goes to give his shot! Madhu quietly tries to sneak out of the set as RK is giving the shot! Bittu calls out and asks where she is going ‘Madhu Bhabhi’!
Madhu fakes about going to washroom and Bittu says.. washroom is on other side! Bittu asks some extra called Neha to keep an eye on Madhu! Madhu quietly leaves the washroom and sneaks out!
Director praises RK for the shot and RK calls out for his spot … another one comes but RK says.. not him .. his personal spot! RK calls out for Bittu ji n he informs that Madhu is in washroom and they have kept a watch! RK grinds his teeth!
They search for Madhu but she is not there! Bittu fires her as RK announces pack up. Shammo says Madhu n Madhu says ..right by his side! Docs checks Shammo n says . no change in his health! Madhu tells Shammo she is with him n RK comes n says.. she left his side! RK closes in on Madhu!

Part 2
RK grabs Madhus arm and tells her if she doesnt understand his words?? He said no and still she came .. n says.. if she told him how happy she is in her sasural! Madhu says.. Shammos situation is bad and RK says.. his headache got worsen coz of her! RK pulls Madhu away as she begs to stay on and Shammo holds onto Madhu!
Paddo blocks Rishbalas way and asks RK to leave Madhus hand and forcibly removes Madhus hand from RKs! RK asks why Paddo comes infront of him as Mother India?? He says.. he will avenge every second she blocks them from Madhu! RK taunts Paddo says.. Madhu is her sagi daughter not sauteli!
RK takes Madhus arm and heads off! BG – Tere ishq pe.. bas haq hai ek mera!

Part 3
RK asks Madhu how dare she go when he said not to go..! RK twists Madhus arm and says.. in her life no one is bigger than RK .. not even Shammo n Madhu tells RK not to compare his lowly self to her father! She taunts saying.. what will he understand about father or relations!
Madhu tells RK that he knows only one thing.. deal and ego! Madhu says.. his family is HIM n asks him to stand infront of mirror and ask if he has any relation to RELATIONS .. emotions! Madhu says that she thot he was egoistic .. hell bent to take revenge but he is not human.. he is an animal!

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