Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Sept 11 - Written Update - Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Part 1

Madhubala is busy sipping her coffe.  RK gets up and leans close to Madhu n asks if she wants to open a new chapter of Enemity? Madhu says whatever.  RK says he has never seen injured Lioness but has heard about it.  He says it has madness like u... but wonder when u got injured? Sasurji scene? RK says she should be taking things to heart but then says its good she says those things to heart which gives weight to her hatred.  RK asks her to get coffee for him n Madhu says..she is his adhi adhuri biwi so will do half service.. She is gonna b his part time wife at home but not his full time spot.  he had desire to make her BIWI now she will teach him the meaning of Biwi .. n he will see what Patni dharam is.. n bajao his band... Adarniya Patidev.

Madhu shouts for spot dad to take coffee cup and leaves.  Shocked Bittuji says bhabhiji is doing bagawath.  RK says Madhu is in pain so trying to return it to him.. trying to be RK.  He says.. it will be fun to hunt down a LIONESS.  Madhu walks off the set inspite of security trying to stop her.  RK shouts Biwi.  Madhu hears this n stops.  RK keeps calling out.  RK calls production guy and shouts at him n shoos him off to get security.  Madhu overhears n return.  RK fires the security guy n is about to slap him when Madhu calls out n says she went out inspite of his stopping so its not his fault.  She asks not to throw them out.  RK asks her what is the small thing on left side.. which does crap talk .. DIL aka HEART ..n says till she has it.. she cant be RK!

Kuku-Sikki are drinking with Nair and he asks for RK .. n RK n Madhu arrive.  Kuku ji offers drink n RK accepts saying best of luck to him.   Kuku asks Sikki to make drink for RK which he does.  Kuku introduces Nair to RK as a South Film Writer n talks of script by him.  He requests RK to listen.  Nair starts narration.  Madhu is in kitchen taking RK's lunch box out.  Radha comes happily to Madhu n rejoices on Kuku-Sikki-RK bonding.  Radha says she will make RK's fav food.  Madhu leaves to get fresh and is passing by the hall.  RK calls out to her and asks her to greet Nair.  Madhu does n goes off n RK follows.  Nair panics and Kuku asks him to chill as Madhu RK are newly married.

Madhu is in RKs room.  Embarrassed RK asks what Madhu is doing n Madhu says.. PATIDEV ..setting the room and trying to make it possible for human living.  RK asks who told her he is human. He pulls Madhu and asks her not to touch his things without permission.  RK drags Madhu along to her room.  RK asks her to make her room good enough for humans.  Madhu says much better.. RK says I LIKE IT n Madhu says.. pleasures all mine.  RK gives his typical stares and leaves.

Part 2

RK returns n asks Nair if he has not left n he thought they had packup.  RK says script is good but its perfect to relaunch Sikki ..  Kuku asks RK to do.  RK says he will do 5 minutes guest appearance for Sikki.  Kuku asks Nair to continue to narrate .. Nair starts narrating climax n mentions father n RK fumes.  RK recollects seeing his father hanging the way Nair is narrating.  Kuku asks to change it but he says its his best scene.

Part 3

Nair narrates the story... n its about a guy committing suicide and his son watching him hanging to fan.  RK loses his cool ..n drops the drinks glass on the floor.  Radhaji panics.  Sikki is happy.

Precap - RK comes into Madhus room n locks it from inside n says.. why to fulfill hubby-wife relation in parts?? Either full or nothing.  RK puts a plate and bowl down and starts to remove his jacket n Madhu turns away.