Monday, 31 December 2012

Dec 31 WU - Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Part 1

At the mansion, Madhu comes and tells Radha she is going to her moms place for a while..! She notices.. Radha-Dips discussing Radhas medical reports! She asks the matter! Radha shares that RK has referred her to a specialist! Radha says..she is happy to be sick even.. after all finally RK is taking interest in her life! She shares her happiness at RK touching her feet and feeding her cake..! Radha says that the relation of a mom-son is given birth by a mom but this relation is brought to life by Madhu.! Madhu says. nothing like that.! Dips glares! Radha says..she is ready to wait.. weeks..years ..decades to get her son back..! Radha says that she wants her son the way he was all that while back..! She says..that.. now she doesnot want anything more! Dips tells Radha not to dream big..if it breaks it will hurt! Radha says..dreams.. n Dips stops n says..that she needs to understand RK ..what when he does.. even people who claim to know him ..duno! She says that.. RKs mood must be good coz of his work goes on! She says.. he is dilwala in one moment n diltodnewala! Madhu says..that.. as much as she knows.. RK respects Dips a lot...he has respected Dips always.. not like respected today. .n kicked her out next day! She says..that.. this is the relation of RK-Radha.. where RK has come around finally! Radha says ..she is ready to wait for ages ..for this day..! Madhu smirks at Dips.. who agrees! Madhu leaves!

RK on phone with Madhu .. n Dips comes..! RK tells on phone to Madhu that machine has returned! Dips says..she will stand still there and not enter more so no need of taunts! RK offers her juice and a seat! Dips asks..if he is ok??So much respect? RK says .. compulsion . .Madhu asked so..! Dips says..only a matter of few days.. ! Dips says.. what secret from lovers Hero? She asks RK to speak out.. or else she will tell Radha! RK fumes..!

Paddo asks Madhu to say what she wants to! Madhu hesitates! Paddo tells Madhu that she is happy Madhu comes but what about Radha? Madhu says..she comes after taking permission! Chawl guy comes in tells Paddo that Shammo will be late coz of late pack up..! Paddo says ok! Madhu asks Paddo that chawl guys call u Bhabhi jee.. n Paddo says..yes.. what else? Paddo asks Madhu to say ..what she wants to! She says she has lots of work for Govardhan puja.. n has to ask Shammo to get sand! Madhu says.. Shammo cares for her lots..! Paddo says yes.. n that he cares a lot for them and done so much for them.. that she is indebted to him forever! She asks Madhu not to tell Shammo all this! Madhu tells Paddo that she knows all about Shammo .. what he likes dislikes.. since 20 years they are together! Paddo asks Madhu the matter.. what all she is saying? If she is fine? Madhu gets up and sits next to Paddo and says.. that 20 years ago Shammo was a stranger.. but he supported them.. ! She says that Shammo became their wall .. n gave them roof.. gave his name them..! Paddo asks what does Madhu want to say? Madhu says..that Shammo has given the relation of daughter-father to her and Trish.. ! She asks Paddo if she does not want her and Shammos relation get a name? Paddo is shocked ..! She screams on Madhu! Madhu tells Paddo to marry Shammo..!

RK tells Dips to tell Radha that its a matter of few days.. of him loving Madhu .. of living as a perfect hubby .. for all things to end.. and then a few days to things starting afresh.. anew..! Dips turns to leave..! RK screams out to her and asks her what she said that he is unlucky in the matter of love? He says..he is not.. and he will prove ..! He says that the person ..who loves him most.. who thinks of him as a person.. not superstar .will never leave him! He says..he wont make a Taj Mahal .. but ..its personal! He says.. a beautiful love story.. RKs love story will be written..! He says.. its a matter of few days... n then..! Dips turns and leaves!

Paddo closes the door and screams on Madhu and asks if she will teach Paddo about society? Madhu says..she has learnt all from Shammo-Paddo..and asks Paddo to marry Shammo! Paddo says..this relation has a name.. respect.. honour .trust..! Madhu says..she knows..! Paddo says.. she is shocked that her own daughter..who knows all ..thinks so wrongfully about her and Shammo! Shammo says..she has no question.. nor doubt..! Paddo says..she is staying without marriage status since so many years..! Madhu says..its time..! Paddo says.. what time? No time..! She asks Madhu to shut up..! She asks Madhu why she is forcing such things! She need of all this! Madhu asks if no need then why shutting off the door? Paddo speechless!

Part 2

Madhu says..she did it so that no one can hear them talk..! Madhu asks Paddo if she trusts her? She says..if she is saying has a reason! Paddo asks Madhu to not speak a word more.. in this regard.. never! Paddo goes away..! Madhu in a fix!

Ballu tells Bittu that this joke is not funny ..he says..he has a right a producer! Bittu asks him to do all ..carefully.! Ballu says.. ok.. will relent..! Trish is rehearsing how to thank the producer.. Paddo calls Trish..! Trish cuts the call..! She walks into Ballus office.!

Part 3

Ballu tells Bittu that fine.. he wont meet Trish.. but let him be known ..what is the code of conduct here? When to breathe or not..? He says..he will keep the promise and not meet Trish! Trish Ballus cabin! Ballu has his back to her and says.his star positions are not proper so he cant meet her but she can meet him! Ballu closes his eyes and turns around n Trish is shocked to see him! She is panicked and steps backward! She gets flashbacks of Ballu target practicing by putting apple on her head..n all his atrocities on her!

Precap -- Ballu asks Trish to say something..! Trish faints and falls in the cabin! Ballu wonders the matter and says.. what happened? Ballu is shocked seeing Trish and says.. Trishna!!


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