Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sept 12 - Written Update - Madhubala Ek Ishq EK Junoon

Part 1

RK walks into the Bar room and sees that all servants are throwing away all the drinks! Bittu slaps the servants asking who asked to do this n Madhu intervenes and says they are following orders of Mrs. Rishabh Kundra! RK screams and asks Madhu to stay out of it! Madhu persists!

Madhu returns RK his lines back.. but this time about LIVER Radha-Kuku-Sikky watch! Madhu says..from today DRINKS are OVER ..n makes a scared servant brings a glass of MILK for RK!

RK throws the glass of milk away and tells Madhu that her name is BIWI. .but she is only a servant! Madhu says that he has made her HIS WIFE … by putting Mangalsutra on her!She shows him the contract papers which reads that till she or her dad returns the 40 lacs, she has to stay in th house as his wife!

Madhu says.. the relation u formed UR WAY .. i will fulfill is MY WAY!! Kuku and Sikky pass remarks on the whole drama! Madhu is in her room and talking to Idol of Lord Ganesh n praying for strength [Calling it Babaji]! Kuku praises her for teaching RK a lesson and clarifies that he cant do anything for her but is always with Madhu!

RK overhears – Enemy of Enemy = MY FRIEND! RK asks what they were planning? to Kill him? Kuku says no! He leaves..! RK tells Madhu about how all bother for Madhu only! He calls out to Madhu and why she isnt looking at him? Giving Respect! Madhu asks him to tell his work! RK closes the door after taking bowl and plate n starts to remove his jacket!

Part 2

Madhu turns away..! RK asks why she is feeling shy? After all she is proclaiming to be his wife… he has some RIGHTS as her hubby and she has some duties! He holds her hands and says.. very soft! RK asks her to do his Tel Malish [Oil Massage] ! RK lies down n asks she was worried for his LIVER. .then why not shoulder? Madhu refuses! RK insists!

Part 3

Madhu sits down and hesitatingly (while looking away) dips her hand in oil and puts on RKs shoulder and RK praises her ! He touches her hand and she removes her hand and gets up with a start ..feeling disgusted! RK holds her hand and pulls her back.. Rishbala eyelock!

Precap — RK tells Madhu that .. she has started the game and now he is also enjoying it! He asks her to be ready for RKs ROMANCING .. next day evening!

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