Sunday, 31 March 2013

30th March: WU : Phir teri kahani yaad aai ..

Part 1

Madhu rushes to find Aryan fallen on the floor with lighting stand on his leg He has scratches on his leg..!

Producers assistant fumes seeing the damaged lighting and chides Madhu for bringing a kid n that too handicapped!

Madhu asks him how dare he talk like this Sultan enters n breaks few more lighting stands! All are stunned!

The producers assistant asks Sultan how dare he do it n Sultan slaps him Dips watches shocked..!

He says.. 'Ek baar kahunga..dhyan se sunn warna ye teri zindagi ki akhri baar laparvahi se suni baat hogi' He hands the guy upside down! Sultan warns the guy to dare call his Aryan handicapped or he will hand him n walks out..!

Everyone starts blaming Madhu .. Bittu ji tries to defend..! Madhu tries to reason .. ! Producer says its Madhus mistake n she will have to compensate..! Bittu intervenes but all walk off!

Dips wonders who is this NEW HERO?

Sultan bandages Aryan n asks him.. how he dare leave? Aryan looks down n Sultan says.. Nazar neeche Kamzor karte hain..! He asks Aryan to promise him ... never to leave ..and Madhu butts in and assures..! She apologises for the whole fracas..!

Sultan gives her money n says.. its compensation for the loss on the set..! Madhu takes..! Aryan says sorry to Madhu!

She asks Aryan to eat ..!

RK is shown painting n its Madhus potrait [with weird teeth] He promises not to think of Madhu n throws it..! BG - Bebasi ka beyan hai..

RK is about to drink n Madhu takes his drinks bottle n he asks her not to look at him... but finally breaks the bottle! He asks her WHO is this SULTAN? How did she move on n forget him so easily?! He asks if she loves Sultan.. n if so.. he doesnt care..!

RK holds Madhus face n asks.. if Sultan touched her? He declares.. TUM SIRF MERI HO!!

Part 2

RK says..he ditched her..fooled her.. hurt her.. but she cant.. after all Madhu doesnt have a K .. K for Kamena..

Madhu turns n RK pulls her close n they slow dance on Aag hai.. Aag hai..! They do the RK banner pose..!

Part 3

RK asks Madhu not to look at him as it hurts

RK fumes n says. .no one can look at Madhu as HER FACE is his..

He turns . .Madhu is gone..! She says.. m here.. as u culdnt leave me n RK says. u r not here!

Precap --- Madhu is in the chawl bringing tea ..when a police jeep arrives..! Sultan Aryan n Kaka are returning from mandir..n they stop in the way seeing cops! Madhu is shocked too..!

Friday, 29 March 2013

29th March: Madhu n Sultan in the chawl-istan

Part 1

Sultan assures he will be gone soon Madhu looks on

Trish asks Paddo if she is ok now? Paddo calls Sultan a murderer..a kidnapper .. a gangster! She asks what does he do?

Sultan overhears

Madhu wakes up in the middle of the night... walks in front of RKs poster.. looks at him hears the musical lighter! Sultan shows her the knife n warns not to come from BEHIND

He asks her if she wants to know if whatever he said to Paddo was true or not? He doesnt care for her trust n Madhu says.. she din say..she came to ask or tail him!

Madhu says she came in search of peace..n maybe he too! She leaves Sultan watches..!

Next day morning .. Sultan sits in the chawl n Kaka suggests him to go inside but he says.. Khatre ka mujhe dekhne se zyada.. mera use dekhna zaruri hai!

Madhu is dabbing her wet hair n drops fall on Sultans head n he looks on

Paddo asks Madhu to give breakfast to them n milk for Aryan Madhu hugs her!

Chawl guys ask if Sultan is Romas relative n Madhu bluffs he is..! The chawl guy offer him to become a stuntman but he walks off!

Madhu offers tea but Sultan says.. no need ...n Madhu says..its a gesture n its safe as she has told Paddo not to add poison to it n sips from it..n gives to Sultan!

Aryan greets her n Madhu dabs his hair n offers milk n he stares at Sultan! Madhu tastes it n Aryan drinks!

Madhu is about to leave for shooting ..n Aryan wants to come along ..but Madhu tells him to ask Sultan ...! He asks if RK will be there n Madhu says he is out of town!

Aryan returns n says.. lets go n Madhu says ok! They arrive on set n Aryan asks about blower fan .. ! He asks what Madhu does n she says set hair n they come to Dips make room n Dips says. the RETURN OF CHAWL-bala ...

Madhu says sorry wrong room n Dips says.. its destiny they met.. so she can adjust..! Dips asks who he is ..whose kid? She asks if part of her new project!

Part 2

Aryan says Madhu is the heroine .. n Dips laufs out

He tells Dips theres something red on her teeth n Dips squirms n Madhu shushes him!

Sultan calls out for Aryan n Kaka says hasnt returned from the set with Madhu... ! Sultan fumes n rushes off!

Part 3

Dips is shooting a scene n Madhu looks on ..! Bittu greets her ..n asks where she was? Madhu says came to complete the contract!

Madhu goes to set Dips hair n Aryan feels thirsty...!

He goes to drink .. as shot resumes..! Aryan trips and gets hurt .. n breaks the studio lighting! He screams n Madhu panics!

Precap -- The Production guys scream about damaging an expensive light.. n say she ought not to have brought a kid n that too a handicapped one..! Madhu tries to explain when Sultan throws other lighting stuff. .n enters n all.! Bittu watches..shocked!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

28th March: WU : Gangster in paradise

Part 1

Madhu pulls Sultan behind the truck to hide them from the goons..!

Goons keep searching for them..! Sultan lifts Aryan on his back n gives gun to Kaka..! All of them sneak out of the area but the goons are still nearby.. One of them is just in front of them with his back turned..! RK sneaks on the stairs with Aryan.. gun is with Kaka and Madhu is in between them..!

Before a goon can trace Sultan.. he is called back n he goes..! A drop of Sultans blood is about to fall on the head of a bald goon ... Madhu notices...does her chant n so does Aryan..! The goon moves in time n the blood drop falls on the ground..!

Goon go opposite direction ... !

RK is on phone from abroad and fumes thinking of Sultan n Madhu..!

Trish asks about Madhu to Paddo n she is worried too! Theres a knock on the door n its Madhu..! They are relived..! Madhu asks for food n Paddo feeds her..!

Madhu explains issue to Trish n Paddo ... n they ask their whereabouts .. Madhu stays mum!

Trish is going to Romas room n Madhu stops her..!

Late in the night.. Madhu gets up n sneaks out.. Gives food for Aryan n milk n Sultan turns n points gun on Trish ..who is shocked to see them! Madhu explains the problem .. n talks of Aryans n assures they will be gone! Trish agrees to support.. n hide this all from Paddo! {addo walks in.. n busts the whole thing!

Madhu-Trish try to convince Paddo..! Paddo rues.. about new storm blowing every day... first the SHAITAN RK n now new toofan.. ! She chides Madhu for breaking her trust..n wonders why Sultan cant handle his own son? Madhu isnt Aryans mom!

Part 2

Paddo asks why Madhu doesnt think that her hurt.. hurts her.. withstood everything that SHAITAN Ballu did.. for Madhus sake..!

Paddo chides Madhu to see if the person deserves help? The guy is not just Aryans dad but a gangster too..! Sultan walks in n says.. name is SULTAN ..dunno surname!

He says how he is an orphan .. n how he met Aryans mom n she too left him .!

Part 3

Sultan says how he fled to Dubai with Aryan .. but had to come back

Madhu has indebted him .. n he can only promise that he wont let any trouble befall on them n the chawl..!

Paddo stays mum n Madhu looks at her hopefully..!

Precap -- Madhu passes by RKs poster . .turns n feels something n walks to the center of the chawl.. !!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

27th March:WU: Sutlbala - Trials & Tribulations

Part 1

Madhu is sitting down collecting wood and Sultan comes..! Madhu gets up..! They both try to talk at once.! Sultan says that he din want Madhu to come here or Aryans life but luck is such..uncontrollable..! He says that..he knows Madhu saved his life. .but he.. her hand..! Madhu looks at her arm and says..its ok. .! Sultan says. .the weight of favour is very heavy.. so it needs to be repaid..! He says that world is a mall with a price tag..for everything! Madhu says..that she clarified earlier that whatever she does has no price and is a complimentary gift..! She says that..if he thinks..that his back is burdened n he will get spondalities so he should teach Aryan that world is not a boxing ring..where people and to go! Sultan says that Aryan has never seen his mom ..she left them when he was born..! When Aryan had fever..he was there with Aryan not Madhu n he was with him always. .n will be there as well..! He says that.. he is teaching Aryan to fight the world..! He says a father teaching son how to ride only for tv.. his world is about betrayal ..and blood shed..! The biggest truth is that. Aryan is his son n she is no one of his..! Understood?

There is knock on the door n Paddo opens.. its Radha..! She asks for Madhu n Paddo says gone out! Radhda says that Bittu told him Madhu is not on shoot where is she? Everything alright? Paddo says.. it is..and nothing is wrong..! Radha says..its Paddos grand gesture ! Radha tells PAddo that ..RK was saying Madhu meets someone? Paddo asks..what does she mean? Radha says that she is not doubting Madhu or alleging ..anything..she only wants to ask if Madhu has left everything behind n moved on? Paddo asks..if Radha knows what she is saying? Radha apologises and says that RK said that..whoever Madhu is meeting is not right..! She says that a few days ago whatever happened.. caused worry to her so..she came! Paddo asks about what n whom n why? Radha says.. Madhu ..she is her Daughter in law..! Paddo corrects that there is no relation. .no daughter in law.. or daughter relation..! RK had said that this relation is! Paddo says. .no nothing like that..! Paddo says that she knows Radha has done a lot for her n Madhu but she wont give Madhu to anyone just like that..! She asks Radha to weigh Superstar RK in the balance of right or wrong! She says that if Madhu wants ot move on..she has every right.. n they should give her that right...! Anything wrong? Radha says.. sorry.. she is right..n excuses herself..!

Madhu goes to call her mom .. Kaka tries to alert her..! Madhu says..nothing to worry ..she says Paddo must be worried..! Sultan says..she is not going anywhere..! Madhu tells Kaka to tell Sultan that..she needs to call her mom n says..she is fine..! She says..Sultan wont undersrtand.. but her mom has not raised her liek a she will be worried..! Sultan gets up and blocks her way n says..she can call next day morning.. right now it can be dangerous..! Madhu says excuse he does not like being told right or worng..she hasnt given him right. either..! Sultan says..her going out will cause danger for herself n them all..! She says..she came for Aryan n Sultan says..its for Aryans sake..better not to go..! Madhu says.. if he thinks that..its better she leave rightaway.. n if he is worried for Aryan...he is there..for him n she is no one forhim so she can go..! Madhu walks out..!

Outside.. on the road, few goons approach her her Sultans pic n ask her if she has seen him? Madhu is taken aback...! The goons wonder the matter ..and ask her again..! Madhu stammers n says no..! Another guy with gun comes n says.. din find him n they rush off..! Madhu is worried..! She walks tentatively...looks back at the don and calls out.. one minute..stop..! She asks them to show her the pic n they do...! She says..she has seen him.. he is injured and she saw him .. n she points to wrong direction..! The goons rush that way..! Madhu quickly goes back to the warehouse! Kaka says..its not right to let Madhu walk like that..! Sultan asks why ..he doesnt trust Sultan? Kaka says.. not just for them but for Madhu too..! Sultan says ..he will go n check.. n he comes out n Madhu runs into him n Sultan holds her arm .. n Madhu says..the guys are looking for him..! Sultan says..he is going out to handle them! Madhu says .he wont be able to there are only 2 bullets left..! Sultan says.. its enough..! Aryan comes n holds his arm n says.. 2 is enough n not to worry.. his sultan will kill everyone n offers to come with him!

The goons wonder where Sultan is? They realise that Madhu fooled them and rush to search for her..! Sultan-Madhu-Kaka are slowly walking out when they see a shadow..! The goons have reached the warehouse..!

Part 2

Sultan and everyone hide behind a wall..! Sultan is ready with his gun ..! The goons enter some other room and Sultan says..they need to leave by the back door..! Kaka lifts Aryan..! Madhus dupatta gets stuck in a nail on the wall n she turns and almost bumps into Sultan..! Sultan frees her dupatta.. n they walk out...! The goons find Madhus stuff in the warehouse..! Madhu Sultan Kaka and Aryan are near the shore.. in the fishing community..!

Part 3

Sultan goes to get rick...and the goons are also at the shore..! Madhu notices.. Sultan standing just opposite the goons n she drags.. Sultan behind the his shirt.. ! She looks over his shoulder.. to observe where the goons are and Sultan looks at her..!

Precap --- Madhu is hiding behind a pillar.. Kaka hides behind some mat tents...and Sultan is hiding on a staircase with Aryan on his back..! His wound starts bleeding n the drop of blood is about to fall on the bald head of a goon..! Madhu notices n is freaked out!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

26th March - WU - Tujhse naraz nahi zindagi..

Part 1

Sultan is walking with great difficulty n listens to the musical lighter.. !

He recollects a womans voice.. telling him .. that she will name IT .. Aryan n he will be a xerox of his father..! Sultan says ferocious? The woman says.. with a soft heart..!

Sultan grimaces in pain..! Paddo stares at the note left by Madhu ..theres a knock on the door n its Bittu..! He inquires about Madhu n is told she is out..!

Bittu says.. he wanted to meet her.. n asks where she is. .but Paddo repeats same answer n asks Bittu if he has been sent by RK? Bittu leaves.!

At the godown, Madhu is making tea..! She cribs about Sultan chiding Aryan ... n Kaka reminds her.. he is Aryans dad..!

Aryan gives Sultan a stick n he throws it n says..he doesnt need that ..n ARyan turns n Sultan cuddles him n says.. Aryan is Sultans biggest support..! [BG- Tujhse naraz nahi] Sultan reassures Aryan that he is fit n fine..n not to worry n Aryan says..he is strong..! They hug..!

Later Madhu offers hot tea to Aryan n Sultan throws the glass! She asks if he thinks she was gonna poison Aryan? She will drink tea to prove.. n as she starts .. Sultan throws her glass n says.. maybe enemies mixed poison..! He says.. he doesnt trust his own shadow...!

He says Daga mauka padne par sabka saga..!

RK shown ... with abroad background..! He asks about Madhu to Bittu but he says Madhu was out.. n diverted Madhus whereabouts..! RK says.. Paddo is hiding with whom Madhu is.. not where she is..!

Madhu notices some shadow while in kitchen n is about to hit it n it is Sultan.. n she says sorry! He is trying to pour water for himself.. but cant n Madhu pours ...! Madhu offers food to Sultan n tastes it before n says.. experimented on Rat already.. so its safe..!

Sultan says..he isnt scared n Madhu says..being scared is not weakness but sign of being alive..! She tells him to stop being selfish to know whats about feelings..!!

Part 2

Sultan says.. he is making Aryan equipped to live in this world..! He says that its easy to talk of feelings n trust.. but when that trust is broken by someone close.. then she will realise..! Madhu in tears! She says that on such day.. a person should re-compose herself..n try n stand up n trust only near ones.. n no one else..!

Madhu says..she knows!

Part 3

She tells Sultan that Aryan is a kid.. n wants to listen to soft voices too..! She asks about Aryans mom..! Sultan walks off..!

Precap -- Madhu tells Sultan that she came for Aryan ..not him! Sultan says for Aryans sake.. she cant go.. but Madhu walks off n is stopped on the road by some goons n asked about Sultan..!

Monday, 25 March 2013


25th March - WU - Madhu Florence Nightingale Bala

Part 1

Kaka says he cant do it.. n asks Madhu to do it..! Madhu is taken aback..! She stammers...n asks how can she do it.. n she does not know how to do..! Kaka says.. there is no time to argue..! Kaka gives Madhu the knife and asks her to help them..! Madhu with shaking hands takes the knife..! She asks Aryan to go behind the wall and pray..aka repeat the chant..! Aryan asks Madhu about Sultan and Madhu reassures.. nothing will happen to him..! Madhu looks at the knife and Kaka asks her to hurry up as time is running out..! Madhu heats up the knife in the bonfire as Aryan is shown praying..! Madhu sits on the cot next to Sultan and she can overhear Aryans words.. Sultan jana nahi. .n that Sultan always tells the truth.. he wont go..! Kaka and Madhu ask Aryan to keep praying.. while Madhu asks him to say what he did during the day.. n he starts to say.. how he worked out.. studied.. etc..! Madhus hand is shaking.. as she starts to approach Sultans wound..suddenly there is a thundering n Madhu backtracks..! Kaka tells Madhu she can do it.. n go ahead...!

Aryan repeats the 'Hauslo se veer ho prayer..n says Sultan ke sahare.. yunhi balveer hun' and Madhu gets confidence.! She cuts open Sultans wound n he jerks and Kaka will go ahead nevertheless..! Madhu digs deep in the wound and Sultan grimaces..! He holds her arm as she removes the bullet..! Kaka says a silent prayer and Sultan opens his eyes and sees Madhu..! He passes out..! He is bleeding profusely..! Kaka covers the wound with a piece of cloth..! He calls out to Aryan to come out n see that his dad is alright! Aryan comes wiping his tears..sees Sultan and hugs Madhu..! Madhu looks at her hands covered with Sultans blood..!

Next day morning Paddo wakes up and realises Madhu is not in the bed..! She wonders if Madhu has gone out..? She notices a note kept by the bedside and its a note from Madhu..! It reads that she wont lie n she apologises for everything but she is going to Sultan ..with Aryan..! Paddo fumes n tries Madhus number but her cell is switched off..! Paddo rues that Madhu doesnt know what madness she is doing..!

A guy comes n gives Bhujang payment..! Another guy comes n offers Bhujang cash as well..! Bhujang throws Ganga jal on the bundle of notes..! His men come running and Bhujang asks about the incident of pickpocketing gone wrong..! They are quiet [Same people who had tried to rob Sultans purse etc]

Sultan wakes up and finds Aryan and Kaka..! He sits up and Aryan brings his shirt to him.! Sultan puts on his shirt and grimaces in pain..! He looks around as if searching for Madhu..! He asks Kaka about her..! He takes the gun and says..she ran off.. n says ..that bringing Madhu is a mistake. .n what if she informs everyone? Madhu says..she rather returned from outside n got some supplies..! She gives the bag to Kaka..! Sultan asks who permitted her to go out? What if she got tailed? Madhu tells Kaka that she brought meds.. bandages n painkillers..! Sultan asks..her to answer him n asks who let her out? Madhu says.coz it was important n that if he . Aryan or Kaka went out would be more dangerous..! She says..that Aryan is a 5 year old kid.. even if he thinks he is of Sultans age.. he is a kid..with a tummy n can be hungry..! Sultan asks her not to teach him about his son..! Madhu says..she will till he understands that Aryan is a kid..and that he has to let Aryan live.! She says how Aryan was wide awake whole night.. crying for him.. but could not hug his father out of fear coz a dad lived like Sultan. .n the kid is not a kid. but a soldier..! She says she will teach Sultan how to raise a human child n that if she needs she will go out..! She takes his gun n points to her head n says..if he thinks she will run off..he can shoot..! She says..its a simple job for him..n why not ask Aryan to kill her.. so that his innocence is lost forever..! Madhu says.. Go ahead.. Shoot me..!

Part 2

Sultan notices his hand grip marks left on her hand and recollects about the previous night..! He releases the grip on the gun and Madhu lowers the gun..! Bhujang asks him men to explain the details n the man they tried to pickpocket on ..cleaned up their pockets? He laufs ..! His men explain that the man was like a lifeless body.. n bleeding. .n din have any arms but attacked them inturn n took his money .. their phone n musical lighter..!

Part 3

He asks them where they found that man? The say near Versova..! He asks them to describe the man. his eye color n they do.. ! He gets up n says.. SULTAN! He fumes..!

Precap --- Madhu brings milk for Aryan..! Sultan comes n says.. the smell of tea is good..! Kaka says..Madhu has made..! Madhu offers milk to Aryan! Aryan is about to drink n Sultan throws the glass of milk n Madhu asks what did he do n why? Does he think she wants to poison Aryan? Sultan looks on..!


Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 21st March 2013

Saturday, 23 March 2013

23rd March: WU : Sultan .. main yahan hun yahan

Part 1

Madhu asks Aryan to eat n he does tho unwillingly ..! Paddo asks Aryan to come inside but Aryan is scared n hugs Madhu She assures she is not gonna leave him..! Aryan breaksdown n Madhu comforts him n helps him lie down n sleep..!

Some roadside goons steal Sultans wallot and lighter n run off..! Sultan opens his eyes.. He bashed up the goons and is about to kill them when they hand over his things n their mobile to him..!

Kaka returns n signals to Madhu that he could not track Sultan! There is a prayer call of Allah and Madhu-Kaka .. Sultan too hear it..! Sultan calls Kaka n gives his whereabouts n informs he is shot!

Kaka tells Aryan they need to rush to Sultan .. Madhu detects there is some issue..! She asks Kaka to comfort Sultan till she takes care of Aryan! Kaka refuses!

At the mansion, Dips asks Radha about RK .. n she says..he has reached US safely..! She starts to crib about how Madhu hurt RK n how Radha chose to slap RK..! Radha says.. a mother cares the most. .but needs to discipline her kid too..! She says RK admitted he is wrong.. so..! She says GOOD NITE to Dips n is off!

Sultan keeps listening to the musical lighter to help him keep conscious n Kaka-Aryan arrive..! Aryan asks him if he is gonna die TOO ..??? Sultan asks him to look at him n no more tears! Madhu arrives too n is concerned seeing Sultan..!

He shouts on her for coming .. n Madhu tries to explain ..n Sultan tells her .she is on one to decide on Aryans behalf! Sultan passes out n Madhu supports him to sit..n he rests his head on her arms..! Kaka goes to get some stuff to take care of Sultan..!

Part 2

Kaka screams out to Aryan - Madhu to not let Sultan go unconscious .. n Madhu shakes him n he wakes up..! He passes out again on Madhus kandha..!

She n Kaka help Sultan to lie down ...n opens his shirt.! Madhu reassures Aryan..!

Kaka heats up a knife

Part 3

His hands are shaking to remove the bullet .n he tells Madhu to do it..! Madhu is shocked..!

Precap --- Madhu takes the knife .. n Kaka asks her to hurry up..! Madhus hands are shaking too....! There is thundering n Madhu is scared..!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 22nd March 2013 WU - Episode

Part 1

Sultan keeps looking around in search of Aryan … n finds a tape recording..

Bhujang teases him …n flashback of Bhujang threatening Aryan!

Bhujang was his plan to trap Sultan..! Sultan rushes to attack him ..! He threatens.. him saying.. even Death. .wont get an excuse to come between them..!

Bhujang tells Sultan he is the one.. trapped..! Everyone opens fire on him! Sultan tries to shoot them back! Sultan tells him that if the road came to know..Bhujang has dared to come in Sultans way.. even road will leave him!

Sultan gets shot in the chest..but fights on..! Bhujang tells him that he wont survive..! Sultan pours petrol on all of the consignment.. n Bhujang tries to make peace with him…!

Sultan says.. Agar Sultan bhagna chahta to use rokne layak aukad nahi hai teri n sets the consignment no fire n Sultan passes out.. n falls in the sea!

Madhu recollects RKs words as she is walking n Bittu informs her that its outdoor shoot n she is not needed to go..! Madhu says.. he doesnt have to lie to her.!

The elderly n Aryan are worried n wait for Sultan..! Paddo applies oil on Madhus hair..n she recollects about RK sighing seeing her long hair..! There is a knock on the door … its the elderly …with Aryan ..!

He tells Madhu .. Aryan is not eating n there is no news of Sultan..! Madhu assures to watch over Aryan as he goes in search of Aryan ke Pappa.!

Part 2

Paddo tells Madhu .. that Aryan is not saying his name n he says..coz he doesnt talk to strangers..!

Aryan says how Sultan calls him up whenever he is late..!

Paddo asks him to call Sultan Baba n Madhu says..Sultan doesnt like..! Paddo offers Aloo ke Parathe.. n he is worried about Sultan..! Madhu cheers him up!

Part 3

Madhu feeds Aryan n he is still sad.. n tells her how he wants to be like Sultan ..but he only angers him.!

He shares how a friend of Sultan went missing one day.. n never returned n hope Sultan will come..! Madhu hugs him n comforts him..! Aryan says Baba..! Sultan is lying on the sea shore.. bleeding. .n unconscious..!

Precap — Madhu helps Aryan sleep n hears footsteps n its hte elderly who sadly shakes his head..!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

21st March, 13 - WU --- Mumbai ka Don .. Sultan

Part 1

RK tells Madhu ..she is his wife! Madhu says EX-biwi n pushes his arms away!

RK pulls Madhu inside the studio.. shooes everyone out..! He asks again 'Naam kya hai?' Madhu asks him to leave her..!

RK starts to switch off one after another studio lights n only one light remains n says..till she answers.. he will close the last light.. !!

RK keeps shaking Madhu n she finally blurts... SULTAN! [the camera in the studio records all this.] RK recollects meeting Sultan on the road..! Madhu clarifies that she has no bond with Sultan except for saving his son's life..!!

She tells RK that his insecurity is hurting her..! Madhu walks off n RK calls out saying Sultan met him n helped him...! Madhu says..coz not all are sadist like RK .. who enjoy hurting others..!

RK starts to pack his bags recollects how he had packed Madhu once ..! Radha asks RK if he is going out of India for shoot? RK says.. yes..few days! Bittu explains Madhu -- Sultans situation n RK cuts him off.. n says..he doesnt care whats between them..!

RK sulks .. takes Radhas blessing.. n walks off! Bittu asks Radha the matter n Radha says.. one who loves.. fears losing the beloved..! Radha says..they need to give Rishbala time so the poison in their heart subsides n love rises!

Sultan is firing a guy .. n asking him to couf out cash.. He is about to pull trigger .. when he gets some tip about Bhujangs drug smuggling deals.!

At the seaside .. Bhujang awaits delivery of goods ...Sultan arrives n fires in the air..! He glares n walks upto Bhujan who glares back..!

Bhujang says.. they r both bad.. but Sultan is good wala bad n he is bad wala bad..! He says.. he has all the riches..n a mother.. n Sultan says.. n bad one gets all BULLETS TOO!

Part 2

Bhujang refuses to back off.. .Sultan glares on..! Bhujang asks Sultan to give up his zidd or his son! He asks Sultan to bow down his head ..!! He threatens Bhujang .. right then Aryan screams.. Sultan..!

Part 3

Sultan searches around for Aryan .jumps from boat to boat ..but cant find him!

Precap --- Sultan starts to shoot down Bhujangs men ... Bhujang fumes..! Finally Bhujang fires a shot on Sultans chest..! He falls in the water..!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

20th March 13 -- Naya ishq Naya junoon..

Part 1

RK tells Sultan that first time when he saw ..HIM ..he saw just his eyes.. n second time when he came ..he took Madhu away n RK couldnt see his face. .n third time.. the sadakchap broke his cars windscreen and left a note..n Madhu fired him instead of the other guy! Sultan slams the brakes of his car and RK says.sorry .. u must be bored! Sultan takes out his gun..! RK says..better talk of something else. .but what? RK says..anything he thinks or speaks.. he thinks of Madhu n her new lover..! He says..he hates that lovers eyes n feels like shooting the guy between his eyes..! RK asks if Sultan has a pistol ..though he is sure..he does not have whiskey! Sultan is quiet..! RK says..sorry.. usually not so much out of control! Sultan puts the gun away..!

Sultan slams the brake and RK says..why stop again? Sultan says..ur house..! RK asks him how did he know the address? He then answers himself that.. all would know a superstars home! Sultan opens his cars door and asks RK to get out! RK says. .OK n gets out..! He asks Sultan if he bored him a lot? He says.. seems Sultan is upset coz of his blabbering..! He says.. he din.. do anything drinks were blabbering. .n he was on mute! RK is about to put his arm on Sultans shoulder n says.. Sultan is a nice guy! Sultan moves away n RK says.. in todays one helps a stranger n that too if he is drunk. but he did..! RK says.. RK or Right Kameena.. has a lot of confusion.. whether he has a heart or not! Sultan says.. Sultan.. thats the name..! RK says.. they existed in past.. n RK asks.. which era he belongs to n where from? Sultan says.. he is Mumbai ka Sultan..! RK says..good nite and walks inside the mansion!

Bittu is trying RKs cell and Radha is worried too..! RK walks inside the hall..! Radha asks..what happened? RK says. .nothing.. he is ok! Radha calls for first aid box! RK asks her to relax n says..he is fine..n it was a small accident n small cut! He is alive n fine! RK says.he wont spare that Madhu..! Radha applies first aid on RKs head! Bittu asks .. how did he reach home? RK says.some good guy gave him lift! RK tells Radha that he had asked Bittu to trace out Madhus lover but he does not know anything except bringing juice. but what point telling Radha as she wont tolerate. .one wrong word for Madhu..! RK tells Bittu to trace out Madhus new lover..! RK did Madhu move on in life? So fast?? Radha tries to help RK to get up but RK refuses her help!

Aryan is upset and asks the elderly if they are moving from there? The elderly says..yes. .n why is he asking? Aryan says..he doesnt want to go! Sultan walks in and asks..who is he to decide? Elderly says Aryan is a kid! Sultan says.. no one is a kid! He asks..Aryan why does he not wanna go? Aryan will SHE know they are moving? How will she meet them? The elderly says.. he is talking of Madhu..! Sultan says the girl wont meet them ever again! Aryan asks..why not? Sultan says heart is only meant to pump pure blood.. not for giving to someone..! He says.. tears blur a vision.. so go and wash face.! Aryan goes! The elderly tells Sultan not to be so tough on Aryan! Sultan says..its needed.. as he does not want Aryan to get attached to anyone not even himself coz life can snatch anything anytime..! He says that when nothing belongs to one ..the fear of losing or gaining wont be there!

Next day morning.. Madhu is getting ready to go to work n Paddo gives her cash..! Madhu asks..what is it? Paddo tells Madhu to take the money n slam on RKs face! Madhu asks from where she got so much money? Paddo tells her.. not to think of that..n to throw the money on RK! She says..that 'Gareeb ki gareebi nahi uski izzat dekhi jati hai'! She says that when there is an earthquake the earth underneath the feet of huge buildings.. slips n results in destruction! Madhu hugs Paddo!

RK asks Bittu if he traced out Madhus lover or is busy chanting her name? Bittu says.. its not like what he thnks! RK tells Bittu that he is not a character certificate for anyone..! Madhu comes nearby and is on the phone talking to her mother! RK taunts out loudly that if he should wait for the hairdresser on the set or he should asks the mobile operator.. if he can contact her? Madhu cuts the call..! RK taunts that everything is new... new lover! RK says Naya Ishq.. Naya Junoon .. Nayi Nafrat. .! Teeno ne milke kya khub banaya Madhubala.. AHAN! RK comes to Madhu n says..that he wont break her moby! He requests her not to tell her lover..! Madhu says.. Mr. Rishabh Kundra.. if crap talk is over.. wake me up! She says..good he came.. n she slams the money on his hand..! RK looks on!

Part 2

Madhu tells RK that its to compensate for the damage to his car! RK says.. her lover is rich too... who gave her the money? Madhu says.. money is like drug to him.. so why care who gave?.. rather enjoy it..! Madhu says..he said..she wont be able to repay him 6 months but she did in 6 days.! Madhu glares at RK before walking off..! RK looks at the bundle of money and crushes it..!

Madhu walks out of the studio and recollects RKs barbs..! RK chases her , pulls her and asks her who is the guy? Madhu says..he has no right to stop her or touch her..does he not understand! RK asks.. who is the guy.. n where did she meet him? Madhu asks..why should she tell him if she is with him or not.. or if she loves him or not..!

Part 3

Madhu asks RK why does he care? RK says..thats not his question ..! He tells her that he wont let her go till she answers .. ! Madhu says she is not his slave! RK shakes her and says.she is his WIFE..! RK-Madhu eyelock..! BG-Hum hai dewane!

Fir kyun har pal ... bechaini hai.
Kyun nahi ..chahte puri hai ..
Hai adhuri khushiyan
Mera rom rom hai jala..
Hum the dewane.. tere dewane..!

Precap ---- RK is holding Madhu hostage [sort of] inside the studio! He switches off one after another all lights and says..if she does not answer.. he will switch off the last light too! RK asks Madhu HIS name.. n Madhu screams .. SULTAN!


Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 20th March 2013

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

19th March 13 - WU - Dont say Alvida

Part 1

RK says.. this is a gift..send by Madhu n her new lover.. Radha reminds RK about his limits.. n RK says..he learnt today.. limits are meant to be forgotten!

Radha asks Bittu the matter? Paddo asks Madhu why ..she went back to Sultans place?? Madhu explains.. She says.. she is the loser in all this ego tiff..! She recounts how RK humiliated her.. Right then RK calls

He is drunk n says..that even if he is her ex..she can talk sweetly .. n asks for her lovers number! He offers to meet up her lover n fight it out.. n puts a terms n conditions 'for REAL MEN'! Madhu says she wont give n RK says.. why coz he isnt man enouf?!

Madhu cuts the call .. RK calls again! Madhu ignores .! RK recollects seeing Madhu with her lover [Sultan] n rues if their love was so weak..that Madhu moved on so easy? What ties him to her..why he cant say ALVIDA.. n why it hurts?

Madhu says..she wanna go away from all this mess..! Right then RK calls again! There is knock on the door of their home ..! Paddo opens n its Sultan! Paddo asks him to stay away n Sultan says..its all as per destiny ..!

Sultan tells Madhu that Aryan is his life n so he couldnt tolerate anyone ill treating him! He apologises to Madhu n offers her money for her loss! Madhu says.. money cant make up for every loss .esp money earned by causing pain! Sultan drives off ..! RK is driving too ..! RK loses control n bangs his car on a tree n Sultan rushes to help!

Part 2

RK is unconscious n Sultan carries him to his car! RK asks the matter n Sultan shares the details..

Sultan offers to drop RK home .. RK hesitates but agree..! Sultan says that girls n drinks..if cant handle dun try .. n RK says.. if one loses control.only then they can control life..! RK wonders about marrying Madhu first time.. meeting her n Sultan asks for address! RK suggests whisky pass instead of bypass

RK talks of Madhus new lover .. whose eyes he saw.. then his back.. n then a letter n blabbers on ..!

Part 3

Sultan switches on Car light n realises its RK .n takes out his gun.. n RK says..he must be bored with RKs story..!

Precap -- Paddo asks Madhu to slam the money on RKs face n say. .that people respect a poor persons.. respect.. not poverty! Madhu hugs Paddo!


Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 19th March 2013

Monday, 18 March 2013


Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 18th March 2013

18th March, 13 - WU - Pati Patni n Gangster

Part 1

RK reads the letter left by Sultan and recollects how he had threatened him on phone when Madhu was talking to him! He asks Bittu to call Madhu! Madhu comes! RK tells Madhu that all thats happend is coz of her! Madhu reads the letter! RK tells that a hairdresser called Madhu had trouble working on his set so she went and cribbed before her lover.. who came to teach RK a lesson by breaking his cars windscreen! He tells all to leave Madhus way.. to let her walk first in queue ..for if anyone offends Madhu.. her lover..will come and avenge her insult..! He asks Madhu if this is the extent of her lovers madness? He says..firstly she breaks rules on the set, comes and goes at her own free will, talks on mobile during shots and when corrected ..goes to her Prince Charming and then all this happens and a threatening love letter is left behind? He asks her this the kind of company she keeps? Why? Is it to teach RK a lesson beat him.. to slap him?

RK tells her to thank him for the few days she spent with she lived in class but now she is back in the company of third class people.. taking their help to teach him a lesson! RK tells Madhu that at one time..she had sanity with courage..did she sell off that sanity for groceries? Challenging RK? He threatens her that if he complaints to Association .. she will be thrown out of the studio.. thru the door!! The door..whose meaning she mite remember? RK says his heart .. (i.e. he has) is quite big..! He wont take her to the Association .. but what about the windscreen? Even her entire half year salary wont be enough to replace it..! He tells her that she should have advised her lover to have rather punctured the cars tires .. left the note n gone off.. ! He says..he is forgiving her one last time. .but after this if anything else happens.. she will see such a side of RK ..that even RK does not want to fathom.! Everyone walks off..!

Aryan is playing snakes-n-ladder with the elderly n he breaks the rules and the elderly says.. he cannot play like this..! Sultan comes and calls out to Aryan! Elderly informs that Aryan did Pranayam for 10 mins! Sultan asks him to do it for 5 more mins! The elderly tries to explain but Sultan says.. no matter what.. he has to do it at all costs..! He says that next time when question is asked to Aryan. .only Aryan will reply! He tells Aryan to strengthen himself so that when next time anyone threatens him..he will rain fire not tears! Madhu overhears and enters clapping..! Sultan asks Elderly to take Aryan inside..! He does!

Sultan asks her why she is here? She says coz of the broken windscreen of a car and to see what a father asks his son to learn by giving a bat! Madhu says.. usually they give it to play but here a father is teaching his son to break windscreen and be a rouge! Had she not come here she would not have seen this sweet heart touching sanskari scene!

Sultan asks her who is she to question him? Madhu says..she is no one..but he involved her by coming to her work place and breaking things around! Sultan tells her to go to her hubby and teach him manners.. and if not..then teach him fear...coz after threatening Sultans son . he is lucky ..he isn't in the hospital .only his car is in garage! He says next time if her hubby threatens Sultans son .. death might be easy ..but not Sultan! Madhu says enough!

Part 2

Madhu tells Sultan that RK is no one of hers.. they are no longer hubby-wife and she has moved on! She says that coz of Sultan she has to listen to RK..! Coz of him .. RK humiliated her in front of all..! Madhu says..he had strength so he used it..but coz of him ..she has to bear the consequences! She tells him that she is not a superstars wife nor does she have money.. rather she is a simple girl.. living in a chawl ...earning her livelihood..! She says coz of him ..she was about to lose her job .. but din coz of a superstar and that gives her a right to ask him questions..! She says ..that coz of him ..she was ridiculed..! She asks him what sort of a person is he? Answering every question with a stone..! She says ..she had to hear ..taunts n barbs. .n questions were raised on her self respect..! She says..hence she had to come there but what is the point since Sultan does not understand his own sons. .feelings. .pain .. words.. how will he understand about others pain!

Part 3

Radha calls out to the servant to switch off the lights of the garden n then the hall! RK walks into the mansion and says he wants to talk to Radha! Radha says she wont talk to him till he apologises to Madhu! RK tells Radha that she always chides him for what he has done to Madhu but what about what Madhu has done to him? Radha overhears Bittu telling someone on phone about RKs car being repaired! A servant walks in with a windscreen. .n Radha looks confused! RK says.. dont stare..its a gift from Madhu ..rather not just her.. its from Madhu n her new lover..! Radha asks him to stay in his limit! RK says..its no longer a matter in limits. .its out of limit. .n that ..todays incident has taught him to go out of limit..!

Precap -- RK is drunk n calls Madhu n asks her to give him her lovers number! Madhu says.. wont give n cuts the call..! RK self thought. .was my and ur love so weak that u moved on so fast? RK wonders what is it that binds him to Madhu ..n that why is it hurting so much?