Monday, 19 November 2012

Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 19th November 2012 Writtne Update

Part 1

Madhu feeds RK and helps him to remove the towel..! RK says.. he realised the difference between. .eating at home and eating home cooked food ..after ages! RK thanks Madhu..! RK starts to couf .. Radha and Madhu get to helping RK! Madhu asks Bittu to call Doc..! Radha asks Madhu to keep off..! Dips says.. Madhu has mixed something in the food.. and she wants to kill RK! Dips asks to call cops..! She asks what Madhu mixed in the food! Madhu turns to leave and RK holds her hand and pulls her close..! He asks Madhu to tell Dips the that she can cook and feed Sikky..! Madhu puts her hand on RKs shoulder and says.. u.. n RK says.. Main hi Main and says.. Biwi fed him well. but what happened to her? Not happy to see anything to happen to RK?? He says..she was praying that Madhu cooks something ..RK eats and dies.. but he is right there n happy..! He says.. Madhu cleared her cooking exams with distinction..! He tells everyone that its his request.. aka ORDER to stop harassing his wife.. and that he trust her more than all of them! Madhu is taken aback! RK tells them that if they raise a single finger at Madhu next time.. they will find themselves out of the home. .with his one finger..! RK asks Dips ..if she knows the meaning of trust?? He tells Madhu to explain to Dips the meaning..! He orders to send Madhus lunch in the room and goes to the room with Madhu .. keeping his hand on her shoulder! 

Sikky asks.. Kuku if ..hate has become.. 'Dil me twai ..twai' n Kuku says . .forget that.. the threats to kick us out of home..needs to be dealt with..! Kuku says.. jab milega mujhe mauka.. RK ki BALL pe lagunga Chauka..and Sikky says.. Chakka lagana and .. Kuku says.. will lagao on ur BALL! Trish stops Paddo from going and begs her to reconsider..! Trish tells Paddo that..Shamo is her father..and cant leave him n go..! She says.. for one mistake of Shammo cant forget whatever he has done till date for them..! She asks Paddo to reconsider! Paddo refuses to budge..! Paddo tells Trish that she is daughter so wont understand.. the pain of a wife.. n what she and Madhu are feeling..! She tells Trish that she is going to Romas place..! Paddo leaves.. Trish keeps screaming..! She asks Shammo to stop Paddo..! He stays motionless..! 

At the room, Madhu asks RK why he did what he did? RK starts to take out the sling and Madhu says..he cant..! RK says.. Doc said he can take.. it out..! Madhu holds RKs arm as he grimaces in pain...and asks if its still paining..?! RK smiles at her and says.. its a very filmy dialogue..'Jaan ..abhi bhi dard ho raha hai. .khuda kare..tumhare sare dard mujhe mil jae..'! Madhu says.. she din say.. 'Jaan' and din ask.for his.'dard'! She tells him that there is a limit to jokes and what he did downstairs...was crappy..! RK says ... its called dark humor..! He says.. some jokes.. kill one with laufter and others make one lauf after death! He then hols his neck and says... there is still some problem with it..! RK asks if she mixed yellow poison in yellow daal? Madhu says.. dun like ur jokes and he din answer her question..! RK says.. there are some questions which cannot be answered as they are delicate and need to be handled with care..! Madhu says.. if he knows.. when he joked..what happened to her..n then says..but why would h care..! RK starts to close in on Madhu and locks her to the wall..! RK asks..'What were u saying'! Madhu says..some questions answers are delicate.. if answered .. can .handle with care..! She tells him not to repeat his joke..! She turns and RK puts his other arm and says.. 'Phir karun to?' RK-Madhu eyelock..! She says.. lemme get water and bends and ducks under his arm and leaves..! 

Dips is holding a glass of water and gets flashbacks of RKs taunts to her.. ! Dips says..she will show.. him ..who is B grade in the mansion..! Madhu is walking to the kitchen and Dips sees her..! She says.. welcome.. Madhubala.. RKs half wife... whom RK trusts so much.. wonder what she has done in the house..! She says that though at the start Madhu impressed Radha.. with Ganesh Puja. but now all know her true face. ! Dips says that whats interesting is that the RK who used to hate her is her protector.. and asks if anything happened in that wet nite at the studio ... may be black magic ..or something mixed in the food? Dips says.. its the dirty blood of hers running in RKs veins..! She screams..that to save Madhu he is ready to fight with his whole family ! Madhu tries to walk out..and Dips stops her and says.. better not say.. the Wifey lines ..n looks at her mangalsutra and says..the black stones on her neck should be called the biggest joke of the year..!

Part 2

Dips says.. that she has been told that RK din put the mangalsutra on her properly so that cant be a reason..! She pulls at Madhus mangalsutra n Madhu asks her to release it as it will break! Dips what difference it will make..? Its just a thread of stones.. it has no meaning and she has no relation with RK! She says that just by RK calling her Biwi ..doesnt make her his Biwi! Madhu tries to stop Dips but Dips tells Madhu to leave her hand! RK comes and pulls Dips arm and tells her enouf is enouf and Dips says..her talk is not over and he cant stop her..! She says...that she is the elder Bahu of the house and has right to take decision for betterment of the members of the house and her decision is that Madhu cant stay there! RK says.. dun even think .. he says.. this is his house.. Dips is bahu of Bhatia family while his surname is Kundra and he has nothing to do with Bhatia family ..! 

Part 3

RK says.. some furnitures.. some cockroaches.. rats.. n they just stay in the house with him ..and are lviing off him..! Dips stares at Madhu..! RK says.. except them.. there is one person he knows.. the one who gave birth to him .. who has brought the dirt like Dips who are polluting the air of the house ! He says.. pheres may\ be 4 or 40 .. difference is whether he considers Madhu his wife.. n he considers Madhu his wife..! Flashbacks of RK holding Madhu when Dips pushed her out..! 

Precap -- RK tells Madhu that it hurts a lot when the person .. who they consider their own.. backstabs them.. all wounds can heal but not the one that scar the soul..! 

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