Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Nov 20 - WU - Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Part 1

RK tells Dips she is right.. Madhu should not be near her ..coz if she steps on dirt.. she will dirty her feet...! Dips says.. Madhu has come from dirt where killers like Shammo stay..! RK asks Dips to get out..! She does..! Dead

Madhu asks ..RK why he is letting her stay there while he knows that whatever has happened is coz of Shammo..! Why he took the case back? She asks him to answer.. shaking his arm..! RK frees his arm...grabs Madhus arm n takes her to the lakeside..! Wink

He takes out his dads rocking chair, sits on it and starts to rock the chair..n says he knows..what she thinks of him a bitter person.. who cant care for anyone else..! He says..he saw how she felt embarassed with her fathers deed! 

He tells her that it hurts when the person one trusts.. backstabs them it hurts...! Wounds on the body can be healed but not the wounds on soul..! He recounts about the chair..and his dad asking him to sit on it when he is gone and how he used to fight telling his dad.. that he wont go anywhere n his dad swore he wont! Cry

He rues about his father leaving him and going leaving behind the chair..! He says.. his dad broke his promise to him. .n killed himself..! [Wound no. 1] He says how he made his mom his doc to heal his wound but one day ..the doc disappeared..from his mom she became someone elses wife [Wound no. 2] ! Madhu tries to reach out to him but he walks away..! He says that parents are the symbol of their faith and trust...! He rues that his dad bounced him but left him to fall on the ground and when he went to his mom..she was no longer his mom! Ouch

Flashback of Dips holding his hand and he cuddling her..! Shocked He says hope is poison .. and once again . Doc. no. 3 [aka Dips].. injured him so much left him .. in pain.. so much that.. he was left immersed in pain..! [Wound no. 3] He says ..it hurts.. hurts a lot..! Madhu asks if its Dips? RK stares at her..!

Part 2

He tells her how Dips got Sikkys launch film n in desire to be star ..chose Life aka Sikky .. instead of love aka him..! RK tells her that she is his first relation made from head n that she always confronted him upfront.. so he understands.. difference of truth and lie! Tongue

Madhu tells him ..its not an answer to his question...! RK says he has answered..! Madhu asks..why he took case back? Angry RK tells her that his soul is dead .. and that he does not want same to happen to..!

Part 3

RK tells her again he has answered and that he din want truth to come out..! Madhu says. why he took case back..and RK says.. he explained to Shammo to end the matter and he rather not tell Madhu.. coz he does not want . .her to break like he did... get a wound on soul... like he got! If he cant see his enemy bear such pain.. how can he see her??Embarrassed Eyelock.. RK holding Madhus arms!

Precap -- BG- Tujhme rab dikhta hai... Rishbala eyelock..!

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