Friday, 30 November 2012

Nov 30 - WU - Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Part 1

RK tries to forcibly make Madhu drink and Madhu pushes his hand away..thus breaking the glass ! RK screams on Madhu .. Madhu offers to clean but RK says.. her hand will be injured so no need!

RK gets called for shot..and he suddenly notices Madhus mehendi filled hands! He says its KC ..and screams on Madhu ! Bittu tries to defend .. but RK chides him .. He says.. i dun believe in this n Madhu says..she does..! RK says.. she believes in 4 pheras incomplete wedding.. mangalsutra …and thinks RK is her hubby? He tells her to get OUTTT!

A chawl person comes to meet Madhu n Dips tells Radha that the guy is from Madhus chawl..! Says its for Madhus first KC ..the ladies of the house say.. she has not fasted..! Radha is confused..!

RK tells Madhu that her FAKE hubby wont come home at nite..! Madhu is ..! He says her FAKE hubby wont feed her with his hands n she cant break her fast seeing him after seeing moon! He says..she can die fasting..but RK wont come!

Madhu comes home and the ladies all start asking her if she has kept a fast or not… n where she was..! Madhu goes away in tears!

Bittu telsl Madhu to drink some water but she refuses..! Radha overhears Madhu say ..she will keep the fast! She asks Madhu the matter? Madhu says MAA & Radha says dun say MAA! She says..Madhu has fasted to get back her lost repute..! She says.. all this is drama.. sneaking mehendi… now lehenga..! Dips says..not surprise the family is about sneaking!

Madhu says..where there is no faith..there is no point of words..! She says..she has fasted from her heart…with full faith! Radha asks about Sargi .. n Dips pulls her away ..! Madhu says.. Sargi is a blessing ..n she got it! Bittu says.. RK wont come and Madhu says… he will come..for sure..! Dips taunts.. ‘Pathar dil sanam wont come .. n till then Biwi wont break fast’

Director announces PACK UP but RK refuses..! All crib..!

Its nite …Madhu is getting decked up! [Haii DD in sexy red lehenga] She says.. i consider RK my pura pati.. not adha adhura.. !

Part 2

RK fumes on the AD and then snatches the file from the girl..! The girl starts to feel dizzy and is about to fall down..! RK supports n then splashes water..! Then announces PACK UP!

Part 3

Madhu feels dizzy but stables herself saying M fine.. n she will complete fast.. n like a good hubby he will break her fast! Madhu is dizzy again ..and sits on the bed..!

Precap — All are on the terrace for KC rituals..! Madhu comes there .. RK is still at the studio! Dips smirks at her..!

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