Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Written Update Of 7th Nov.

Part 1

Radha asks about menu for lunch and servant says..for RK its what Madhu said and Radha is delighted! She says..she is missing Madhu as if she has left..! Smile He tells Radha about Madhu having called RK . . n Radha wants to call her back pronto but Dips interrupts her! Shocked Dips suggests to go to Temple to thank Siddhi Vinayak ji for saving RK Angry Radha ag


Madhu is a bit anxious and Paddo says its been just 55 minutes till she called up RK..! Let it be an hour! TongueLOL

Dips tells Radha that she will stay back to care for RK! Dead Radha agrees! She says..a med is to be given to RK which will help him sleep for 3-4 hours! Angry Radha leaves and Dips one between me n u .. RK n she disconnects the landline of the RK mansion! Shocked

Madhu calls RK n asks about his second med and RK says..she is irritating him from so far LOL n says.. she asked 45 mins before .. n Madhu says.. no ..55 mins n Paddo laufs LOL! Madhu asks RK why he aint sleepy Shocked if he took the meds and RK says.. he is sleepy n asks what if he din take ..will he come n Madhu asks if she should? RK says.. missing u biwi .. but NOT n but cuts the call LOL

Dips asks all servants to leave n says.. hum tum ek ghar me aur chabi kho jaye! Shocked RK calls for servants..for water for foot massage! Lights go off and RK sees a female figure and thinks its Madhu and goes after it..! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed The figure is walking seductively ... n RK watches..! BG - Raat akeli hai.. Shocked n Dips starts to groove seductively! Angry

She touches RKs cheeks.. arms n hand..!RK holds her hand n she walks away..! As Dips turns to face RK ..he sees Madhu..! She is dancing.. all sensuously around him..! He twirls her around..! BG- Hum hai dewane..! RK pulls Madhu closer and both in RK banner pose! Day DreamingDay Dreaming

RK touches Madhus face n then sees its Dips! Shocked He fumes Angry He walks away n in his room asks Dips to leave... n Dips says.. LAST TIME Dead ! RK says. ENOUF! She says..she looks like MAdhu n he says.. not at all Angry! Dips says..she is ahead of Madhu n RK says.. in shamelessness.. he says..the door is meant for them. .for her to leave n for him to close! Angry Dips starts to explain she was scared in the hosp n takes a knife and asks RK to kill her..! RK throws the scissors and says..ur flop actress dun try..! Dips refuses to budge! AngryAngry

RK threatens to throw water on her n throws.. n ends up splashing water on Madhu! LOL

Part 2

RK is shocked Shockedand MAdhu fumes.. Angry ..she says..he cut her call .. switch off moby landline.. n she had to come so late..without a rick .. n he wet her.. Angry RK starts to lauf LOL n Madhu says.. 'Shhh .. Chup'! RK folds her finger! LOL Both turn their backs to each other! Both burst out laufing..! LOL

Part 3

Madhu pokes RK n says nothing to lauf on n jerks her dupatta . .a drop goes in RKs eyes n she blows air on it.. n RK sets her wet locks...touches her cheek! Day Dreaming Eyelock n Bittu comes n sees a WET Madhu n asks hw she got wet.. ! RK diverts n asks why he is here n he says..cops came with info on RKs killer!

Precap -- Cop shows the locket.. and Madhu recognises.. RK .. Radha taken aback!

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