Monday, 12 November 2012

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 12th November 2012 Written Update

Part 1
Madhu looks shocked as she sees the gun ..! Dips films the whole thing on video! Madhu breaks down holding the gun and recollects her convo with Shammo where he said he had made a mistake and came to bury that in the pit!
At RK mansion, Radha wonders why Madhu is not back yet and din call even! Kuku ji tells her to relax and sleep..and that Madhu will come! There is some noise and Radha-Kuku-Bittu all come out to check..! Dips is in the hall and switches on the TV and Radha said RK is sleeping and u? Dips said that not just RK all members of the family are sleeping in the light of fake love and its done by Madhu..! Radha is shocked! Dips said she took the help of TV to wake them up! Kuku asks why the drama at the nite? Dips asks RAdha that Madhu is in the Durga puja? Shall prove it wrong now..! She says the brde of tihs family is playing some other game and switches on the video where Madhu is shown digging the pit and taking out and holding the gun! All look shocked!
Dips says two things — why Madhu lied and why pistol with Madhu and why she is scard with the pistol? Dips reminds them about cops asking about the locket and how Madhus face fell blank..! Radha asks what she means and Dips said that for Radha she will see only her ideal bahu side not real side! Dips said she got suspicious and tailed her! Bittu says this is wrong and Dips says that she can lie not video.. and says.. Madhu lies to them, goes to some place and take out a gun .. and her face is full of guilt.. ! She says that from her heart there is a doubt that whether its the same pistol used to fire on RK? Dips said that seems not only did Madhu know of the attack but also aided it..!
Phone rings and Dips receives ..! She tells everyone that cops have shared that from CCTV footage they got to know Shammo, Madhus father attacked RK! All are taken aback! Dips asks Radha if she believes her now? RAdha is shaken up ! Dips asks Sikky to come with her as she wants to see the person who attacked RK getting arrested wit hher own eyes!
They leave and Radha is lost in thoughts of whatever transpired!
Madhu is shattered sitting at a table waiting for Shammo and gets flashbacks of attack on RK with the knife and Shammo coming there to the hosp! Shammo comes and gives her bangles saying that she wanted them always at durga puja n he used to tell her will give when she gets married..! He says that time has come to fulfill old promises! Madhu says.. she remembers everything and talks of a childhood tale of how two kids troubled her by snatching her teddy bear..and she came to them and how Shammo chided them and got teddy bear for her! Madhu says that that day she made him promise to fight for her whenever she is troubled ! Shammo says thats a fathers duty! Shammo asks why Madhu is quiet and serious and is she hiding something! Madhu says she wants to give him something..! Shammo says.. return present and asks her to give.. like she did in childhood! Shammo keeps eye closed and Madhu puts the gun in his hand..! Shammo shocked! Madhu is in tears but firm! Madhu says she should not have made him promise.. and to fulfill it.. he fell so low..! She says that hope he din have promised at all ..! She says that if only he had broken the promise and he would not have done this! He asks her from where she got it and Madhu says.. from where he hid it..! She says this is a crime .. not a mistake..! She asks him to answer her why he did it? She asks him why he hid the gun and why there are bullets in his trunk..! She asks him .. there should be 11 bullets…but there are 10 ..where is the balance 1?? Madhu says.. i will answer.. u fired.. and that too on HER HUSBAND! She says that he tried to kill him .. fired in his heart.. but he lived..and he could not bear so again attempted to kill him..!
She tells him that the locket fell in the hosp.. when he sneaked in to attack RK..! She tells him cops got the locket and asks him why he did it? She asks him why he din think .. the person he was gonna attack.. is someones son.. someones his own daughters hubby..! She asks him .is this the way to revenge someone?? If all do what Shammo did.. no one will be alive in this world..! She tells him that she knows he loves her but ..the love does not give him right to kill someone!
She tells him.. twice he tried to kill RK! Paddo hears and is shocked..!
Part 2
Paddo asks Shammo so it was him … ! She says that the previous nite whatever Shammo said in drunken stupor was the voice of his heart. .which she felt was the words of a hurt father! She tells him that she has so much faith in him and how he could even think of killing anyone? Paddo says that when her hubby tried to kill her kid, she ran from there and came here! She says that she trusted him ..and the person she put her daughters life in ..he wanted to kill her life..! She asks Shammo ..he wanted to kill her daughters hubby … the person .. She says that her daughter was fighting ..with her father.. ! She asks .. how he became an animal from a human.. how he could do this?
There is a siren ..which announces.. the arrival of cops..!
Part 3
Chawl people ask what happened? Dips screams.. Shamsher Malik and he steps out..! Madhu too..! Dips tells cops ..they are the one.. liar, criminal, killers family ..! Madhu is shocked..!
Precap — Cop tells Shammo that he is being arrested for the attack on RK ..! Dips says that the girl Madhu too is involved and asks him to arrest her too..! Madhu is shocked!

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