Friday, 9 November 2012

Nov 9 - WU - Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Part 1

Madhu prays to Durga Maa for courage to find out and face the truth as a daughter is going against her father! Shammo says.. he has prayed that Durag Maa fulfills Madhus every wish! Shocked Shammo recollects chi

ldhood days of Madhu-Trish of bringing them to the arti ..!

Madhu sneaks out of the pandal ..! Radha asks Bittu why Madhu sneaked out? Dips reminds Radha how Madhu wore saree of her choice without telling Radha but Radha says she did TongueLOL! Bittu says.. as there would be crowd at Pandal, Madhu din tell Radha and Dips says..maybe she wanted to be with her family! Dips self thought ..feel.. ur not in pandal .. DEVRANI JI! Tongue

Dips excuses herself to go to check on an injured friend! Madhu comes back to home and decides to check Shammos trunk! Madhu finds the key ..with shaking hands [ BG-hauslo se veer ho] and opens the trunk.. searches the trunk! Ouch She finds bullets n her birth certificate! Shocked

Dips reaches Madhus chawl Dead n self thought.. how can RK give space to the dirt of the chawl in his bedroom! She sees Madhu going towards the jungle and tails her! Angry

Cops get the CCTV footage n watch it on Laptop! Ouch Madhu recollects Paddos words about Shammos weird behavior and the spot where she had seen Shammo in the jungle..! She starts to dig n Dips watches! D'ohMadhu self thought Hauslo se..! Dips clicks Madhus pics! Dead Madhu takes out the gun from the pit! Shocked Dips is shocked! Shocked Clicks the pic! Ouch

Part 2

Cops see Shammo running out of the hosp ward ... n identify him ..Shocked! Shammo thanks Durga Maa for stopping him from making a big mistake! He looks around for Madhu and cant find him n asks Paddo..! Both Shammo-Paddo wonder where Madhu is? Ermm

Part 3

Cop says.. no doubts that the person who attacked RK is Shammo! Madhu breaks down seeing the gun! Cry She says... Maleek.. ! Broken HeartDips looks on! Angry

Precap -- Dips tells everyone she wants to show something as it may not be easy to bear so better they watch carefully..! She says..she wants to show them that their BAHU is playing a sly game in the guise of Durga Puja! She shows the video footage of her recording of Madhu holding the gun! Radha n all are shocked! Shocked

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